Wear High Heels Women, Helping Men Better

Hot tip for women: always a pair of high heels in the trunk of the deposit in the event of a vehicle breakdown. So are indeed not practical dressed, but increase the helpfulness of passing men. Stinking cliché? May be. But now, this was confirmed in a French study.

Nicholas Gueguen, researchers at the University of southern Brittany, sees his wife as well as other women prefer in high heels – “and it comes just as many men in France”, he said in an interview with the British “Telegraph”. To prove that this reflected also on their willingness to help, he sent a 19-year-old with a questionnaire armed in a pedestrian zone.

First asked the girl on 9-cm tall hoes 90 passers-by whether they wanted to participate in their survey — 82 percent found time. Then she switched the shoes and started the test on the new. Amazing: same person with flats on the feet just 42 percent of the addressed wanted help.

A few centimeters make all the difference
Gueguen hung on another test, this time with four female decoys, all about the same size and very similar to dressed – two of them on 9-cm high shoes, the other two on flat shoes. You all should “accidentally” drop a glove on the way through the pedestrian zone. The result: 93 percent of 180 men picked him up and brought him to the two ladies in high heels behind. Women flat shoes only by 62 percent of the passers-by got this favor.

Sex sells!
Gueguen observed that his thesis on the flirtation behavior is true, in a bar in 36 men aged between 20 and 58. It took no more than seven seconds, until they had approached women in high heels – female bar guests waited for flats, however, thirteen seconds, nearly twice as long, until they were addressed. “High heels are associated with sex appeal and a more attractive”, explains Guéguen British “Telegraph. Also, he suspected that the grazilere attitude of women in high heels could be the reason, the men reacted more to them.

How big is the helpfulness in women?
Men take while their lower instincts – the women but the helpfulness was even lower, as Gueguen observed. Only 33 percent of female passers-by found time for a poll regardless of the footwear of the decoys of. And for the dropped glove half of the women not even bent down.