What Skirt for What Body Shape

After have delivered you a complete to determine your morphology guide and clothing that will put it best in value, the Mode of madmoiZelle animeuZ attack specifically the skirt!

What Skirt for What Body Shape

Now is the time where our white legs waiting to take the Sun and summer. In all the windows appear small light and flowery skirts that make you want to murder our budget. But a question ask us: what will be the skirt which will become our best friend, we will give a body of a goddess and will drop these males like flies at our feet?

I offer you now to optimize (sisi) your looks by finding the skirt that you will never leave, that will make you the most beautiful to go dancing or take a walk on the beach, the hair in the wind!

A basic rule: never mark a part of the ‘thick’ body. For example, if you have thick calves, don’t choose skirts that get mid-calf (such as eggs). If your size is thick, choose skirts high waist, and if your legs are muscular, avoids miniskirts.

NB: attention, the advice I give here are not absolute rules but tracks to explore. If you love (like me) wear short skirts rose flash while your hips do not have doors, in does you not! The important thing is still feel beautiful and good in his clothes. This phrase may sound cliché, but nothing is more true!

The base, the skirt which goes to all (and all…)

The pencil skirt: straight, just below the knee, if possible high waist.
It has the air of nothing like that but whatever the shape of your body, this skirt will give you the look and a little chic not negligible!

The Triangle

Hips require? Good news, the skirts are made for you!
You have the choice: skirts skaters, trapeze, Tulip, skirts skirts skirts tightened at the hips, asymmetrical skirts… Skirts that fit you best are pretty arched at the top level of the hips to be flare downwards.

If your thighs are thin, directs you to skirts flared above the knee. If your thighs are thicker, choose them below the knee, high and accompanied by a belt size, if your waist is thin, and heels.

-focus on vertical print
-Choose the fabrics light, soft, fluid or elastic
-draw attention to the upper body with a skirt that is darker than the top, colours and prints for the ups, a pretty neckline and some accessories (bags, jewelry, scarves,…)

-too stiff fabrics, prints or colors flash at the level of the hips
-pouch bag that draws attention to the axes
-straight skirts, short skirts, skirts or gathered balls that settle the silhouette

Upside down triangle

Your legs are thin, you can highlight them with skirts short and female, of the balls, flared or froufrou skirts that give volume to your hips and rééquilibreront your silhouette.

-Diverts attention from upper body by wearing colorful and/or with print skirts
-This is a nice bag, satchel, which gives volume to the hips
-In winter, put on original or print tights
-Shoes rather flat shoes

-too arched skirts that will accentuate the imbalance between the top and the bottom of your body
-skirts straight, especially if they are very long

The 8 or the hourglass

You represent the feminine ideal. So you can flutter without needing to hide your forms. But shall not increase and not unbalance your perfect figure.
Choose skirts that accentuate the thinness of your size and the length of your legs. For example, a pencil skirt, size high and knee, with a nice belt and accompanied by a t-shirt to mitigate the strict side.

-high waisted skirts and belts to mark size
-short skirts if you have thin thighs and knee so your thighs are thicker

-too wide skirts, skirts balls
-too arched skirts at the level of the hips.

The Rectangle

Your goal is to show your pretty legs, without scoring your size, and add shapes to the hips.
For this reason, chosen a skirt under the size or low size, this will lengthen your torso. You can play with patterns, colors, the froufrou, pockets or laces and Spice it up with a belt at the level of the hips. Asymmetric skirts, ball or Tulip, as well as thick skirts skirts and flared skirts will put your body in value.

If you have thin legs, you can wear as mini skirts that you want.
If your legs are muscular, chosen a skirt to the calves if they are thin and under the knee so they are more muscular.

-straight skirts
-the accessories making it thicker size

The round

Trapeze, high-waisted skirts fit you perfectly, they highlight your size by refining your silhouette.

If you’re great: selected fluid skirts in light cloth, fine cotton or silk. They can be flared or near the body.
If you’re short: choose a skirt whose length varies between the top of the calf and the ankle to not pack your silhouette.

-fluid materials
-vertical stripes that slim
-high sizes

-the prints and colors flash
-skirts too wide, pendulous or without Forms.


Try to lengthen your silhouette, for example, by wearing a short skirt, pleated or flared.

-chosen colors and colorful prints
-door of the shoes of a color neutral, similar to that of your skirt or flesh color

-very long skirts
-Black which gives an effect tamping