Why You Should Buy Slippers From Shepherd

Want a pair of soft slippers that make their feet never feels cold or too hot? Bet on sheepskin slippers from Shepherd!

When the temperature drops, it’s nice to insert fossingarna in a pair of warm and soft slippers when you get home. The Swedish brand Shepherd is known for its popular slippers, completely made of sheepskin.

– Sheepskin is a natural material that allows your feet keep a comfortable temperature, you are neither too hot nor too cold. Do you go barefoot in the slippers, you get a great experience, says Andreas Redlund, sellers Shepherd.

How do I take care of my Shepherd Slippers?

– Hang them out overnight and when you take them the day after they have cleansed themselves. If the slippers become the giant mottled, you can wash them in the machine, the ullprogrammet with Wool detergent or mild detergent designed for woolen garments. Centrifuge not the slippers and dry them on a radiator or in the oven.

How long can I expect to keep the slippers?

– Between one and two years. Since the question is when you think that tofflan end, sometimes sheepskin heel be worn while tofflans appearance in general is good.

Give tips on how to find the right size!

– If you are unsure then think happy up in size. You are not supposed to run out and four mil in slippers so they need not be perfect. Most of our models are made for you to have your normal size, but you commute between two sizes choose the larger one. The only model we have, where we recommend you go up a size is ballerina slippers Saga. If you click home tofflan Saga so choose a size larger than your usual size.

What are the trends this season’s slipper?

– The increase in Sweden is that more men choose the hard soles of his slippers, while women still prefer slippers with soft soles. Design-wise, the slippers in metallic, as silver and gold, which we believe in. Our big seller year after year is the classic model 1982 named Moa in the women’s duty and Magnus in the men’s model, the discreet gray and brown hues.