Winx Fashion Sunglasses

Finally came the Sun and good weather peep! Begin your first few rides the sea and walks in the fresh air. Now we know: it is important to protect yourself from the Sun. The kids especially, have very sensitive skin and for this they need maximum protection.

For the skin, remember to always apply sunscreen, for little head is useful a lightweight cotton and breathable Cap. It is important, however, protect the eyes from Uv rays that can cause serious damage.

For all little girls fashion victims and lovers of mythical Winx fairies get Winx sunglasses line. Produced by VidiVici Bologna Glasses, are colorful and cheerful, but at the same time very trendy and modern and attractive design.

Ten are the models and three colors for each model: a mask or super enveloping, pilot and oval shapes. Details make the difference, so many in fact are the fantasies: butterflies, flowers, glitter and rhinestones decorate the temples and lenses are colorful and fun.

The company VidiVici Occhilali has seen fit to devote completely this collection, which combines quality and fashion, all babies fashion victims and even mothers are grateful because the prices are affordable and content. In addition, each frame comes with a nice carrying case that looks like a purse with Winx Logo in plain sight.