Wish List Sweater Weather!

To my Entrumpelungs – and the fury of reduction in, the probably primarily the brain wash book „ The Magic Cleaning “ is owed, I sold at a garage sale recently all sweater, which had accumulated over the years in my closet. I kept only about a handful. Because I namely eventually came on the funnel, that all other models already eked out a very sad life in the dark, almost untouched and sometimes even forgotten. Since I so to implement my talk of yesterday really in the fact and only with favorite pieces to surround myself, try to invest only in 100% iges.

Now I am but not stupid and know that expensive is not better and certainly not for Jackson or administrator affordable, not even comes it. Only disposable purchases should be avoided if at all possible, and we know that I believe all kind. A weekday can make equally happy me pullover in the material sense like the wool dream from closed and even better it is actually, if not additionally three similar pieces in the Chamber snooze. Do you know what I mean? For example, consider the perfect gray cashmere sweater. Because I was too cheap for an investment, I have gained me four grey alternatives over a period of three years and none of them loved. Without any sense, would Mr village Andrej Tschichatschow aka „ Tan “ now say. So here a few potential Super sweater, which I would personally love the crap out:

Striped sweater / / MARC JACOBS
Charlotte sweater / / WEEKDAY
sweatshirt with contrast stripe / / MANGO
velvet Sweatshirt / / OUR SITE
multicolored sweaters / / ISABEL MARANT ETOILE
it could always be worse / / MALAIKARAISS
Norwegian sweaters / / CLOSED
grey cashmere sweater / / 81 HOURS
inside out sweater / / J.W.. ANDERSON
training jacket with lace / / g
winter sweater / / & OTHER STORIES