Women’s Shapewear Leggings

  • Three women tried out three pairs of shapewear leggings
  • Each of the three reporters tried on styles from Spanx, Yummie Tummie and Hold Your Haunches

All three were very impressed by Spanx and Yummie Tummie’s leggings, but less than thrilled with the fit of Hold Your Haunches.

Spanx are currently an industry-leader in women’s shapewear, but are they really the best option out there?

To determine which slimming leggings are truly the highest quality, three women put three different brands to the test to see how they measure up in terms of style, fit, and above all, effectiveness.

The women tried out leggings from Sarah Blakely‘s incredibly successful brand Spanx, Yummie Tummie, the shapewear brand founded by former Real Housewives of New York star Heather Thomson, and Hold Your Haunches, by onetime Shark Tank contestants Jenny Greer and Erin Bickley.

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Here, each woman gives her thoughts on every aspect of the pairs of slimming leggings, from the good, to the bad, to the downright ugly and uncomfortable.

SPANX-Moto Legging, $98

First, the trio tested out Spanx, which are a favorite of celebrities such as Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry.

They tried on the brand’s Moto Leggings, which are outfitted with faux leather lines for contouring and various zippers. They were extremely comfortable and easy to move around in.

Feeling good: Susan said that she was happy with how the Spanx felt, but she wasn’t overly impressed with the way her butt looked in photos.

Ultimate fit: Emma was happy with the way Spanx’s Metro Leggings (pictured) felt and looked on her body

Susan’s verdict: 7/10

I liked how the Spanx felt, and thought they made my butt look pretty good – until I saw the photos. I think they accentuated my curves rather than reined them in, which is what I expected them to do.

They were very comfortable, but I think I would only wear them around the house or to yoga class.

Emma’s verdict: 9/10

I thought these were great. Easy to get on, comfortable to wear and I think I looked the best in them out of all three. I’m taking one mark off because I did not feel that they really slimmed my stomach so much, but I suspect that may be because I needed a smaller size.

I did feel that they made my butt look alright though.

Sarah’s verdict: 8/10

Much like the other two girls, I thought these felt really nice. And they were really easy to put on which is always nice!

In terms of the results, I think they were flattering, but not amazing on my love handles and hips; butt and stomach-wise they were fine, and they were so comfy I would definitely get lots of wear out of them, irrespective of wanting to look slim.

YUMMIE TUMMIE-Milan Legging, $76-$84

The trio opted to try the Active Milan style of Heather’s leggings – a basic style that was both comfortable and lightweight. The material was less thick than that of the Spanx, which made them breathable and stretchy.

Susan’s verdict: 8/10

These leggings both felt and looked great (in my opinion). I wanted to wear them for the rest of the day, but restricted myself to wearing them to yoga class only.

They were optimal for working out and I would definitely wear them again.

Yoga ready: Susan found Yummie Tummie’s Active Milan style ultra lightweight and perfect for yoga and barre class. The brand was started by former Real Housewives of New York star Heather Thomson

Emma’s verdict: 7/10

Nothing particular to complain about with these ones, but nothing to write home about either. They were the thinnest material, which was nice, but I honestly couldn’t feel a lick of difference shape-wise in them.

Again, I suspect a smaller size would have helped as these did not feel tight on me at all. I would definitely wear them out for a run though!