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We have spoken several times on the site Kamiceria, where is the quality. On the e-commerce site, you can find the most fashionable shirts, the trend of the season, the best brands and the best workmanship, designed by designers in vogue and created with quality materials on the market!

I would like to inform you about the new arrivals for fall 2012 and, in particular, the collections of three new brands: Bagutta, Mastai Ferretti and, finally, Xacus.

The men’s shirts Bagutta decidedly on the classic! These range from the model in solid color pink, at the price of 34 euros, the most classic lines with prices that do not exceed 43 euros! Favorite colors are certainly the hands and blue. Simple shirts and diurnal, disengage. Interesting collection of ties, the same mark. Very nice red tie, also to 34 euros. Between the fantasies, are undoubtedly the polka dots along with earnest tinte unite!

Let us move on to the international brand Mastai Ferretti! The shirts have a definite line slim fit, vital colors and unconventional hues, such as to render them suitable for the younger set. For example we indicate the gray shirt with white lapels, sold 98 euros! Not to mention a classic shirt in plain sleeve cuffs that pale blue floral patterns, buy new life, new charm and becomes extremely disengaged and young! There is no lack of rest the fancies, for evenings of love, leisure and alluring dating!

Xacus shirts also reflect the trend of the brand that I have just introduced. The solid color, there are also special stripes, like the inside of the collar or cuffs of sleeves. Not to mention the bicolor patterns that break the seriousness of the garment. There are, however, for the more traditional squared patterns, in different shades. Between the fantasies, don’t miss those flowers, not appreciated by all, but certainly popular among more whimsical. Models in solid color, light and dark, round out a collection that could be arranged, without any problem, the Manager and the student.

What do you think? Take a trip to Our site and discover the only garment worn in winter and summer alike, loved by all, perfect for business and leisure and that accords with all the male gender?