Yves Saint Laurent in The Week of The Fashion of Paris Spring-Summer 2009

Simplicity is again the key of a Stefano Pilati more East than ever before, the best tribute to the master Yves. Japanese austerity that inspire Saint Laurent so fascinated by oriental sobriety and the versatility and the colors of the Arab world, is the key to this collection: sobriety to 100 percent.

Silhouettes globe, kimonos, cared for until the end cuts, serious colors and classic combinations are the premises of a summer that seems serene and parco but that it is absolutely exciting because Pilati does not neglect its transgressive and restless side and play combine solemnity, rigidity and innovation.

Always surprising.

Pants suits are as always an unchanging constant, and this time the waists are uploaded and jackets are shortened: the blazer is made mini.

Grey, color designer fetish, returns with force in impeccable dress, long below the knee (what I said the other day from the new long skirts, seems that it extends up to the coming summer) and perfect for the prototype of Parisian chic.

There is room also for the transparencies, in almost imperceptible silk shirts, under falas pencil with flight or special versions of the Kimono.

The evening appear shines and the sequin dresses, strapless, or long sleeve, is the best option.