10 Largest Countries in the World

Do you know which countries cover the largest areas of our globe? We have the answer – here are the 10 largest countries in the world!

No. 10: Algeria

The first country in our top 10 is also the largest country in Africa; Algeria. The country consists of a large desert area, the Sahara, with everything you would expect: cities with white stone houses and oriental style, large, abandoned steppes and palm-lined oases while the coastal areas in the north and around the capital Algiers offer beautiful sandy beaches. Quite frankly: Surely it was a surprise to you that Algeria would be on this list?

No. 9: Kazakhstan

Between the Caspian Sea in the west and the Altai Mountains in the east lies Kazakhstan, a country characterized by many cultures and peoples who have settled here for centuries. Two of the many attractions here are World Heritage-listed Tamgaly where there are ancient rock carvings and Khoja Ahmed Yasawi’s mausoleum in Turkey. Two idyllic places are the national parks Karkaraly and Kaindysees where you can relax in the unspoilt nature and enjoy the unique flora and fauna. The capital Astana, in turn, offers impressive and futuristic buildings just waiting to be discovered.

No. 8: Argentina


Argentina is known for its stunning natural landscapes. Talampaya National Park offers desert-like views, unique sandstone formations and large ravines, while Los Glaciares is the exact opposite of the wilderness and in turn has incomparable glacier formations. Animal lovers should not miss the Valdez Peninsula, famous for its sea lions and elephant seal colonies. Another must is the legendary cave Cueva de las Manos and its cave paintings, especially the handprints, which are believed to be from the period 7000-1000 BC.

No. 7: India


From beautiful beaches and idyllic natural landscapes to fantastic temples and great festivities such as the annual Holi Festival – India’s 5000 year old culture offers plenty of experiences and sights. Famous Taj Mahal is characterized by its unique architecture, while Varanasi boasts one of the oldest settlements in the world. In the cities you can enjoy the delicious Indian cuisine or treat yourself to soothing Ayurvedic spa treatments.

No. 6: Australia

Exotic animals and almost infinitely large landscapes, but also lively cities such as Sydney and Melbourne await visitors who come to Australia. In the country’s nature reserve you will find kangaroos, rare birds and koalas that sometimes come close to those who relax on the beach. In the cities, it is easy to get a dose of culture; here are many museums to visit, or how about an evening at the famous Sydney Opera House? For a touch of mystery, visit the sacred sites of the Aborigines, such as the famous Mount Ayers Rock or the Baiame Cave in Milbrodale.

No. 5: Brazil

Sunny Brazil, also the largest country in South America, not only attracts thousands of tourists each year during its world-famous carnival in Rio de Janeiro, but also offers sunny weather and lots of attractions during the other months of the year. Take an excursion to the Amazon or any other of the country’s fascinating natural landscapes where you can observe the exotic flora and fauna and enjoy the unique sight of majestic waterfalls, deserts and idyllic coastal areas.

No. 4: China


It can be a little hard to believe that the huge China only ends up in 4th place! From the wall to the Forbidden City in Beijing and the terracotta warriors in Xian – China is full of exotic and mysterious places that adventurous travelers should not miss. Its many temples, pagodas and palaces also provide a deeper insight into the country’s history, culture and religious tradition. The bustling major cities of China, especially Shanghai and Hong Kong, offer a modern lifestyle and plenty of activities and attractions.

No. 3: USA

According to Countryaah, the Land of Opportunity is also a perfect vacation destination – with fabulous forest landscapes in Maine, unique rocky deserts along the Grand Canyon and pulse-pounding cities such as New York and Los Angeles. Those who want to experience the American dream up close should rent a car and drive along the famous Route 66. Adrenaline junkies can revel in the huge range of extreme sports available in the country or why not visit one of the many amusement parks and try breathtaking rides . However, the USA is not the largest country in North America, that place is topped by the neighbor to the north.

No. 2: Canada

Untouched natural landscapes and endless freedom – that is the promise of idyllic Canada. Have you always wanted to go on a survival adventure? Then you have come to the right place! Once you are tired of silence, wildlife and mighty waterfalls, you can set your sights on the big cities. Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver have a friendly local population and a rich cultural offer.

No. 1: Russia

Nastrovje! The largest country in the world is also one of the most complicated according to Abbreviationfinder. Although you can get a fair grip on the big cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg, vast areas of fascinating unspoilt natural landscapes await, steppes with snow-capped ridges and deciduous forests in the taiga, which due to their huge areas are difficult to tick off the list of visitors. What you should definitely try to catch up with and visit are the many historically significant and architecturally impressive buildings in the country, such as the Vasily Cathedral in Moscow or the Catherine’s Palace in St. Petersburg.

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