10 Basic Purchases for This Autumn-Winter 2009 / 2010

If you want to be the first that look the basic shopping of this autumn-winter 2009 / 2010 Don’t miss our special with the 10 key items It will mark this winter fashion.

This year, that is why the crisis, designers recovered many trends of previous years and the majority of garments from the list have them already in the Cabinet. If you have not purchased them yet, our closet be modernized easily with some of the key pieces that we propose.

If you want to forward you to what is, just take a look to the 10 basics for this season, they are the following:

1) an 80s-style minidress. Adjusted to the body, bright or with sequins and some unexpected cut, asymmetric, or shoulder neckline, a fully disco dress.

(2) above-the-knee boots. Only suitable for women in long, thin legs, carry several seasons of fashion (last year I already included them in the list), but this stick together stronger than ever.

3) fancy stockings. An inexpensive investment that will update all your skirts and dresses. Are fantasy, with drawings, moles, bright stockings or with lace.

(4) a garment with Leopard print. It may be a skin, a bag or a cardigan jacket, but will serve to show your wild side this winter.

(5) a camel coat or a tweed coat. Great classics that retrieve its entry into force. Are belted robe mode.

(6) an eight wool jersey. For the winter, there is nothing more comfortable wool. Try to take it with leather leggings or skinny to offset their excessive volume.

(7) a jacket with shoulder pads. Balmain trendsetter and in Zara already are imitating it. The jacket with shoulder pads marked a new silhouette of inverted triangle that makes a splash.

(8) a velvet dress. If you have a wedding this winter or want to be spectacular in the holiday season (which will be here over until we realize), you need a velvet dress. Pure romanticism.

(9) a few studded booties. Rock ‘n’ roll in your feet and basic to match many of the other 9 essential apparel.

(10) a dress or a black leather skirt. Following our recommendations, certain that other years you did with a leather pants or jacket perfect leather, so this year there to go for the dress or skirt to complete the collection.

This season we will continue seeing other seasons clothing, as harem pants, hair vests, boxes shirts or jeans faded with bleach and broken. The times obliged to recycle.