Who does not want a luxury brand handbag? For example, a stylish classics from Louis Vuitton.

Here is the trick to see if the bag is genuine or not.

The market for branded handbags just grows. Both genuine and fake. If traveling abroad are copies virtually on every single market or street corner. And online you will find all sorts of sites that sell both fake and those that they claim is genuine – but at cheaper price. Like second-hand shops and individuals who sell genuine but used handbags. In all cases, it is what they claim.

How are we to know whether the handbag is genuine or not? The only time you can really be sure is if you go to a store and get the original certificate of authenticity. But there are actually a few ways to find out for yourself.

Although a case has the right mark on the zipper, the correct date code or hologram, and seems to have all the right parts, it is still always the quality that determines whether it is genuine. Details are easy to copy, but not the quality, because then they would not be sold so cheaply.

Louis Vuitton easy to copy

Louis Vuitton is the hardest hit in the fake market because they are easy to copy. They have predominantly monogram on canvas and small details in leather. But even fakes of the super exclusive brand Hermes has increased in recent years.

Something to consider in this context is that the copies are done under unsanitary and poor working conditions, and many times by children.

Please have pictures on hand, or go to an original store and look at how the bag you want to buy look, before you go through the following points:

1. Check that it is in leather

If the material is genuine leather or plastic made to look like leather? Smell the leather true leather? Many genuine Louis Vuitton is made of canvas, while the handle is made of leather. If the handle is made of leather, the feel dry, not greasy, slippery or sticky.

2. Hand-sewn or machine stitched?

If the bag is supposed to be hand-sewn, it is so that instead are machine sewn with large stitches? Hand stitches are not of the same size and not in a completely straight line, but the other hand, will last for years. It should not be up and back seams – it indicates a sloppy construction.

3. The zipper

Is the zipper smoothly when you pull it back and forth, or stick it and stops?

4. Matches pattern?

Look carefully at the match outside seams. A company like Louis Vuitton, who value their logo loud, would never share the letters in a seam. There, the pattern displayed on each side of the seam, it must match exactly.

5. What color is lining?

It should be the same shade as the real thing – not a good copy.

6. How does the bag as a whole?

It should feel heavy, not hollow. If it is labeled with, for example, Louis Vuitton, check that the logo looks like the real thing.

7. Are there flaws in pressure?

In the video you can see the Louis Vuitton bag with cherry blossoms, and the fake light brown through it pink.

8. Do not be fooled by the presence of a hang tag.

Anyone can forge a handbag can fake it too. Where was the bag? Many counterfeiters have routinely write “Made in France” on Louis Vuitton handbags which is correct. But here it says “Made in Spain”.

9. Go into the store!

If you buy a handbag after having been promised authenticity, you must be able to prove that it is false. Then you go to a store that sells them and say you want it restored. It may take time and cost some but it is fake, they will refuse to provide service in your bag. Then you can write to the company that sold it and request a refund.

10. Buy the right place

Shopping online is tricky. There are many fake websites and sellers out there who are using photos of real bags but selling fake. The safest way to shop online is to buy from a long-standing, reputable companies that are known in the industry for its authenticity promises, such as Portero.com.