Good morning Divas!

The new year is a very special moment for most people, it’s time to thank all the good that happened, asking God’s forgiveness for all the failures, after all, all of us fail at some point in life; and the best part, ask for blessings for the year that lies ahead and make some promises, huh? Don’t promise what you can’t deliver, type: in 2016 beginning my diet.

So … If you’re the type of person who doesn’t spend the new year’s Eve without any superstition (like me!) on how to: Jump seven waves without touching both feet on the floor, eating grapes and keep the lumps, saving a bay leaf in my wallet, yellow vest to attract money, among many others, there are some tips from the most common superstitions.

Do these “charms” really work? Well, in my opinion, if you believe and have faith in what you’re doing, no matter what, it’s going to work out, trust me, after all, it can’t hurt, so what’s the problem of trying a little help to start the year right?

Food that give luck:

  • LENTILS: a tablespoon to ensure a year of a lot of income(I’m not a big fan of this magic, but anyhow!).
  • POMEGRANATES: Eat seven pieces, keeping the seeds in your wallet to attract cash
  • GRAPES: I and the women in my family always eat 7 grapes (or the amount corresponding to your lucky number), and save the seeds in your wallet or purse, until the next year’s eve to attract new money (hooray).
  • PORK: Must be the main course of the supper served at midnight, because the pig nose forward, ensures a full table all year round. Never serve chicken, Turkey and animals that dig toward behind.


  • NEW PANTIES OR UNDERWEAR: Lucky in love because they leave misunderstandings behind, especially for those just starting out, to secure the future.
  • WHITE CLOTHES : The traditional color of the the new year’s eve, represents light, purity, goodness and peace.
  • YELLOW and GOLD CLOTHING : The yellow represents the power of gold and say that attracts money (it can’t hurt to try).
  • RED OUTFIT: Ideal for those who want to live with passion in the next year, in addition to being the color of willpower and energy.
  • PURPLE OUTFIT: It’s the color related to the spirituality for those seeking inspiration and positive energy!
  • GREEN CLOTHES: It’s the color of hope and faith (all we need!)!
  • ORANGE: Brings back energy and sensuality (WOW!).
  • PINK: Is the color of love, including self-respect (always!).
  • BLUE SUIT: For those seeking a quiet year and want caution and security. It is also the color of kindness!
  • SILVER CLOTHING: It’s the color of balance!
  • Well, for family reasons, I don’t use anything in black at all.
  • And you who wants what all the colors mean, go with a MEGA colorful dress, don’t miss it!


  • JUMP ONLY WITH THE RIGHT FOOT. Attract good things into your life, because, according to the Bible, everything is good. I jump seven waves with only one foot touching the ground (I never though it could be this hard before hahaha).
  • PLAY COINS: The street in the House, say that attracts wealth to all who live in the place.
  • TAKE THREE HOPS: With a glass of champagne in hand, without spilling a drop. Then, splash all the champagne over your shoulder all at once, without looking. You leave behind everything bad. And don’t worry about spilling on other people: who gets hit by the champagne will have luck guaranteed all year round.
  • UP A STEP: Step up to anywhere on a higher level. Says it gives boost to their desire to move up in the world. Start, of course, with the right foot (I like that, I’m going to make sure I do it).
  • MAKE SOME NOISE: It is a way to scare off evil spirits (BOO!). Valley whistle, banging pots, make sure it’s exactly at midnight. They say there is no evil that can resist.

Do you like this post? I hope so, so happy new year to all of you! I wish that this next year will be full of accomplishments.