Who doesn’t, it must go back quickly, the Tinder date waiting since a proposed hour down at the Samy, but in the bathroom, everything goes wrong, the favorite lipstick breaks with him your heart and all your hope. Or: you are quite simply too poor at the end of the month, to create friends new cosmetics, too lazy to the helper to get or just sorry, because you read only empty promises on the shelf. There is this one question quite close:

Where are the good beauty tricks and gimmicks in collected form, when you really need them? Here! Scalamari Jane aka remedies-Jane is there for them:


Magic Stick

Don’t panic: broken lipsticks can be together again safely blow himself. The fractional position from all sides warm blow dry, smear a bit and model, and then one night so in the ice cream freezer. The next morning, which is again tip top in shot. Promised!

Hair dryer will tear US apart

Before you blow-dry the hair you, you carry on once your Foundation, concealer and powder in the face. With the hair dryer heat connects everything to a natural matter and looks not more freshly exposed. Blends more or less.

Swim Good

If the mascara is finally gave up his spirit, a crumbling, sad mass is only and the next must wait for drugstore visit but still a bit of mini, a bath in hot water helps: fixed screwed to put it in the warm water, wait 5 minutes and out. Almost as good as new!

Your Brown brows make me all sentimental

Brow gel can you also easypeasy with hair spray to replace. The spray on a toothbrush and immediately shape the eyebrow so. Then look atequal almost look as at Cara.

The shit is Bananas

The face shines again until the rind cracks? This can be changed by a sheet of toilet paper pulls off a layer and thus carefully dabs his forehead like with blotting paper – and the other layers just wander in your hand luggage. For on the go and always of course.

2 Pack

Bepanthene cream, Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream or an other very rich cream also good eye mask used overnight as is. There needs not always the 200 euro nastiest.

Smells like Artful Dodger

Perfume apply only if the place was – eingecremt previously then it keeps much longer everything. Oh!


Stronger Than Yesterday

Your hair conditioner much better into the hair structure is, if 15 seconds in the microwave you warm them before applying. Opens the cuticle layer and the active ingredients can more easily walk into.

Honey, there are rice

Alternatively you can wrap is also a moistened and heated in the microwave oven towel around the hair after applying the conditioner. Make the towel wet, wring it out and heat for 30 seconds

Ice-cold Bommerlunder

A liter of water with a shot after the shower hair tip lemon and not wash out – closes the cuticle layer – this will smooth the hair and shines. The lemon juice ensures even greater radiance. Astray.

Love is all around me

Hair, although not faster but for softer dry with a cotton T-shirt. While the shirt just to wet hair place and easily turn a – very important: do not scratch or press.

Love song for Bobby long

You know these elongated hair pins – Bobby pins called. You lying around individually distributed with me in the whole apartment and in every pocket. With an empty tick box, you can collect them and practically dosing. How crazy is that?

Upside down

Speaking: for years wrong around made. The wavy side of our favorite Bobby pins comes naturally downwards and not upwards. The waves provide more grip and durability – now about Roger?

I Can Be You’re Hero baby

Hair Conditioner works excellently even as emergency replacement for shaving cream and I think Männnerrasierer are the better hair Remover tools anyway.


You’re cold as ice

Day creams feel most at home in the fridge. Slight redness disappear and the pores shrink with the cold, look so fine. It’s time for a refrigerator in the bath slowly so really.

Suck it and see

For Sparschweinchen: the cotton pad is a coffer of face water it helps to keep the pad under the water, to express, and only then to give the toner on the pad.

The little household Mach I own

Makeup brush should be washed every two to four weeks depending on use. A simple mild shampoo works for even very fine.

I’m A slave For You

If the tights once has holes, she can be also processed to ponytail without disturbing metal point. Just cut the leg in small rings and you’re done. In turn protects the hair.

We’re save and sound

Wipe the face a handkerchief is although not terribly practical, but avoids trying to distribute bacteria from the towel right back in the face.

Why You Only Call Me When You’re high?

If the nail polish from the last hole whistles and pulling strings already a drop helps nail polish remover. The simply type in the barrel and shake well. Nail Polish bloopers from the edge of the table can be also with a drop back patch nail polish remover is. Just type on the paint, smooth paint a bit with your finger and you’re done.

This was the first coup and with help from you, we will hopefully soon make an entire encyclopedia on the legs – what are your absolute beauty tricks and gimmicks? Bring it!