Plan to your outfits! So you avoid all the usual style miss and do not have to look like you are in Paradise hotel, or on an election night party

To plan their wardrobe and their outfits may sound boring, and a bit exaggerated. But it makes enough difference to make it worth it!

If you are the kind of man who likes clothes and is interested in fashion and trends, then I need not explain the benefits of thinking through their outfit for you. Are you on the other hand a man who does not care but who still want to be handsome and well-dressed, then you’ll appreciate all the time and energy you save if you plan your klädköp and outfits. To make your life as easy as possible, we have developed this guide that goes through 5 usual style misses, and how to avoid them.

So think about this when you buy clothes and plan your outfit, or just choose clothes in the morning for that matter.

1: Excessive access wax

Bracelets, watches and other accessories can be really neat. But only when used in moderation. Exaggerating their accessories will turn you from a style conscious man to a Paradise-hotel-muppet without an eye. What makes the accessories so effective is that they can put one personal detail, but only if you use them right.

So remember, do not take on all bracelets, watches and rings at once. Choose with care and create a delicate mix.

2: Incorrect matching

Breast handkerchief is an amazing detail. It can do so much for your outfit but is so simple. Matching Chest handkerchief with the tie, however, is all too common style miss, miss a style you are greeted by so fast you look at any kind of political element to the news.

Remember. Breast handkerchief must always match the shirt. Not tie!

3: For tight clothes

For large clothing is obviously terrible, but it is almost as common (and ugly) with too tight clothes. To have a “tailored” outfit does not ultra slim, that means clothes that are just right. Below is a link to our guide to how your clothes should sit to get a “tailored” look.

4. Do not follow trends too hard

Want to see handsome and well thought out, it is critical to follow trends. It does not mean that you should jump on any trends that will, and especially not all at once. To be style conscious and keep track means being aware of trends and selects the one best suited for.

You do not want to look like a Christmas tree. Something that can easily happen when you embrace all trends at once. * Cough * Hipsters * cough *

5: For long pants

Nothing says “I do not care about my appearance” as much as a pair of long pants. If you do not care, it’s so clear what the crap what people think of you. But do you see the handsome, it is the right length of the pants quite critical.

This is something very many not quite manage to get the hang of. Not sure I recommend clicking on the link below.