Salomon are professionals in equipment to facilitate for those who like to run in nature. Watch these five favorites!

1.  S-lab adv machine 12 sets

When you run far or go on a day hike, this backpack your back, literally. This is the latest version of Salomon’s ultra form-fitting hydration pack. In addition to the updated model is 30 percent lighter, has fewer belts reduce the risk of chafing. This stretchy backpack envelops the body and has stretchable straps over the sternum which provides a perfect fit. The backpack works well with various types of liquid solutions. Two fluid container that holds 500 milliliters included. It is also equipped with several small storage compartments. S-lab adv machine 12 sets, regular price 1795 crowns.

2.  Trail gaiters low

Anyone who run off-road know how much it can do to get a stone in the shoe, and how time-consuming it is to stay and try to winkle out. These trail gaters are the solution to it! Fix them around the shoe and they are stones, gravel and small branches off. Trail gaters low, normal price 299 SEK. They are also available in a higher variant.

3. Energy belt

For the löpturer when you do not need to have a hydration pack you do a waist belt job! This waist belt holds two bottles of 200 milliliters, and all other necessities you want to have with you. Energy Belt, regular price 449 SEK.

4.  S-Lab Sense hydro sets

Salomon’s lightest solution for those who want to bring you water when you run. Hydro sense glove is designed as a pair of gloves, which you can attach a bottle in each hand. The bottle is then stuck where you run, and you get a little extra arm training in the bargain! S-Lab Sense hydro-set, regular price 499 SEK.

5. Soft bottle

This super lightweight bottle is smart to have with you when you löptränar for two reasons: The nozzle is tightly until you bite into it to drink and the bottle is compressed when drinking which makes the water that is left will not slosh around. Soft bottle, regular price 139 SEK.