No matter what type of jacket you’re looking for Peak Performance has a model for you. We will guide you right!

Frost Down Hooded Jacket

Beloved favorite Frost Down Hooded Jacket available for both women and men. Costs: 2695 SEK. Suitable for those who: Want a lightweight jacket that you can use in any context. It can be used as is, or as an additional layer. The fit is pretty tight, so it’s a fairly unobtrusive down jacket for those who want a model that is both sporty and sleek. It has an adjustable hood that can be expanded both in width and circumference. The outer shell protects against wind and weather. Use it: Autumn, winter and spring. During the coldest days of winter, you want to have a thick sweater underneath and in spring and autumn it is enough with a T-shirt underneath. Peak Performance designer Jonas Olsson says: – It is one of our best sellers just because it fits so many. It is sporty, but not too sporty. Just because you can have it both everyday and more active contexts, while skiing, for example.

Frost Down Jacket Liner

Smooth dunisen Frost Down Liner Jacket is available for both women and men.
Costs: 2395 SEK. Suitable for those who: Want the very same jacket that Frost Down Hooded Jacket above, but want to avoid the hood. Thin dunliners was originally intended as an extra layer over or under a shell jacket. If that’s the way you plan to use your jacket, it’s very nice not to have a down filled hood that is in the way. Use it: Autumn, winter and spring. But do not forget the hat in winter! Peak Performance designer Jonas Olsson says: – The entire jacket is perceived as a bit easier and neater, you feel less trapped when you only have a pretty collar.

Frost Down Jacket

Do you want a jacket that is fluffy and warm? Check out Frost Down Jacket for women and men.

Costs: 3495 SEK (men) and 3795 crowns (men). Suitable for those who: Want a little thicker down jacket made primarily in the winter. Although it is so thick it is for the sake of it is not particularly heavy. There are other fat down jackets on the market that are very heavy and bulky, but this is easy to be so warm. Resistant to water and wind in a good way. Use: Mainly in the winter, but it can also be in late autumn if it’s really cold. Peak Performance designer Jonas Olsson says: – Personally, I think this jacket is good when it freezing temperatures and it keeps you warm even when it’s minus 15 degrees outside. However, it is zero degrees, I choose rather Frost or helium.

Helium Hood Jacket

Ultra lightweight Helium Hood Jacket does not disappoint. Available for both men and women. Price: 2295 SEK. Suitable for those who: Want a really light and thin jacket with a design that stands out in a discreet manner. You can use the both as it is or as a heating layer. The fabric is water- and wind-repellent. Easy to pack and take with you everywhere. The feeling when you wear the jacket is that it is tremendously beautiful, you almost feel that you do not have it on you. You can have it both as “every day-jacket” around town and sports jacket, the color selection determines the sense jacket must. Use: All year round! Helium can have all four seasons. It is excellent to have that jacket from zero degrees down to minus 10 degrees roughly, but is also comfortable on a chilly summer evening. As the stock is enough, it also is very long and you can have it both inside and outside another jacket. Peak Performance designer Jonas Olsson says: – Helium is quite unique in its looks. The wavy seam to make it unique. The stand out but in a subtle way. We at Peak Performance is quite unique in this design, although some have begun to copy it, so I think it is different from most other models. HERE you can find all the down jackets from Peak Performance.