Not fool us, Agyness. Even if you proclamaras you the best dressed according to Tatler Magazine woman, you don’t give it to us with cheese. We don’t like your style, the mishmash of clothes without sense or your extravagances. For this reason Agyness Deyn It is the famous worst dressed of 2008. To be the famous better dressed, must be original, daring with new designs, but without losing sight of classic elegance and clothing that most favors one. Also, after seeing the cover of Vogue Korea, know that you can get to be all a beauty and also very feminine.

Seconding the model in the list of worst dressed We find ourselves with Mariah Carey. We want to attend the terrible torture to which you submit to your garments trying entering your body. For the liberation from the oppression of the clothes in your closet, get your size clothes already!.

In the next post is Christina Aguilera. A deserved third place among the worst dressed taking into account their passion for the colorful, for showing her cleavage and the sparkles and sequins.

After the trio of worst dressed ladies, we have the following classification: Paris Hilton, Madonna, It has been surprisingly chosen image of Louis Vuitton, Beyoncé, Lindsay Lohan, Rihanna, Mischa Barton, It seems to not learning his ex of The OC Rachel Bilson, y Janet Jackson. While the world of the cinema gives us some elegant women, happy when it comes to clothing, it seems that the world of music always brings us to the worst dressed, curious, really?.