Fashion is dead. A lot has changed in the home of Michalsky times just drastically. From Michael Michalsky, Nigel brand new label was summarily Atelier Michalsky. There will no longer be seasonal collections now, namely – rod is abolished – now, couture is on the agenda. A whiff of rebellion is in the air.

Is none of the words which you immediately would connect the designer, like driving the big number constraint. 28 looks he has reduced himself during the last fashion show in the Berlin Ritz-Carlton Grand Ballroom – that was it but then also with restraint. In addition to the newly created legendary style Nite Party sounds it also from the catwalk in typical “Michalsky” manner – this time just however with glued-on Couture stamp: handmade lace gowns and beaded sea meet on pastel silk organza. Michalsky’s couture designs define modern silhouettes, Sorbet – and cream tones. Break the looks oversized hats, wreaths of flowers in the hair, and metallic Plateausnakers.

Down to the tips of the nail Couture

Expertise in nails clinched Michalsky of the German company Alessandro international on the hand. A Nail Polish from the bar came saying at all not in the bag – and so it happened that a period of three months specifically for the couture show was created Nail Polish. Frank Schäberle, artistic director at Alessandro international knows that the total beauty look of models in addition to the mode is the most important part.

In an elaborate creative process got to fashion designers and paint God therefore getting closer and found the perfect show coat between all pigments of the world, and after many attempts. That came out is sorbet, a matte, juicy light green, which is of course reflected in full splendor in the creations of michalsky’s and remained top secret until the last second on 500 pieces limited color.

The models wore next to the paint-Special Edition also metallic adhesive film on the fingers to make here too rich contrasts. We say: Alessandro, I’m glad that you don’t let forget Michael film. That would be too bad.

Rare sorbet

For those who have now suddenly developed a strange green weakness in itself: there’s good news and bad news for you. Bad first: now have migrated all coatings in the goodie bags of show visitors last Friday and are now on selected fashion fingers of this world but here comes the good: you can with us three special editions “Alessandro x Atelier Michalsky sorbet” win. How? We say further down in the text <3

Poses like the great: finally times since on since with Scalamari, thought the Mr Michalsky as.

Front row Mani: dandy Diary Jacob despite first carefully with the show paint off Katja.

Harte Kotür: interview and Phillip is everything in the varnish cloudy at Les Mads Katja,.

Trophy on the Aftershow Party: I’m one of 500 lucky owners of the exclusive color to the couture show. Whoop.

A glittering night comes to an end. Hi dawn, your nails tell: it wasn’t a dream.

And now you come back in the game: we are giving away 3 Mani set consisting of the limited sorbet lacquer and extra beneficial ingredients. How you can join? You just write us an E-mail with the subject line “Alessandro x Atelier Michalsky” and you set your fingers crossed.

– in friendly cooperation with ahlquist