Amancio Ortega It will never cease to surprise us. And, apparently, neither will cease to buy real estate in the most important cities –and faces–of the world. It seemed difficult to overcome the impact that produced the purchase by its investor group, Ponte Gadea, the building of Oxford Street It occupies Primark. Real estate impact, by the 551,53 millions of pounds; e impact on the world of the high street fashion, to convert one of their top competitors in tenant.

Almack House purchase has not exceeded the figure invested in Oxford Street, but It has become a symbol by the representative of the building. A little history: Almack House is the current name of the building that hosted for two centuries (1764-1963) the most famous Club in the world. Almack’s was a myth that exists in the imagination of any fan of Victorian literature, in particular, or the British idiosyncrasies, in general.

Almack completo, during half of those two hundred years that was in operation as a social club, redefined the concept of elite. With the arrival of the 20th century, its importance declined, but, during the previous century, belonging or not to the club, receiving the approval of their employers and comply or not the strict rules of Protocol they marked the difference in an age that form part of one side or another of society was almost all.

Now, Amancio Ortega landed in King Street, halfway between St James’s Park y Piccadilly, within walking distance of London myths as the Ritz, Fortnum & Mason or the footballer Buckingham Palace.

The London acquisitions Galician entrepreneur have excelled since its landing on the shaft Oxford Street-Tottenham Court Road. But not only the British capital has received the attention of Ponte Gadea. We must remember the building of Madrid’s Gran Vía that hosts the brand new Mega-store Primark It is owned by the Galician entrepreneur. Not to mention the iconic Torre Picasso.

On the other side of the Atlantic, New York Palm is: the owner of Inditex is the owner of the number 666 of the Fifth Avenue (324 million dollars), a building in Meatpacking (94 million dollars), another in the 59th Street (EUR 70 million) or considered first skyscraper of the city, the mythical Haughwout (145 million dollars), among other properties.

But Ortega is not limited to the Big Apple. A complete commercial Apple in Miami Beach (370 million dollars) and various properties in Chicago, Washington, Boston o San Francisco they attest to this.

Still do not know to use the Galician company give to Almack House, but make it home to some of the low-cost brands Group Inditex would be a nice historical nod toward a building where high society men of little more than a hundred years ago gathered outraged by the opening of department stores as Selfridges o Harrods, of those who said that they threatened the status quo of women of the time (sad).

I do not know to you, but to me gives me a consumer morbazo incredible the idea of walk by what one day was the paradigm of the high British society, believe me that I am putting an end to differences of class and gender to blow of Affinity Card.