Archbald, Pennsylvania

Archbald, Pennsylvania Population, Schools and Places of Interest

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According to ablogtophone, Archbald, Pennsylvania is a small borough located in Lackawanna County. It is bordered by several other cities and towns including Eynon, Blakely, Jessup, Peckville, Olyphant, and Throop. Each of these surrounding towns has its own unique attractions and offerings that make them worth visiting.

Eynon is located just south of Archbald and is home to the Eynon-Archbald Little League. This league offers baseball for children ages 4-16 and softball for ages 7-16. It also features a playground with a shaded pavilion for picnicking.

Blakely is located just west of Archbald and is home to the Valley View Golf Course. This 18-hole course features an array of challenging holes that offer beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. It also features a pro shop where visitors can purchase golf equipment or apparel as well as a restaurant where they can grab a bite to eat after their round of golf.

Jessup is located just north of Archbald and offers several attractions such as The Electric City Aquarium & Reptile Den which houses hundreds of species of fish, reptiles and amphibians from around the world. Visitors can observe these creatures in their natural habitats or participate in educational programs such as feeding demonstrations or touch tanks.

Peckville is located just east of Archbald and contains many attractions such as The Valley View Mall which offers over 70 stores including department stores, clothing retailers, specialty shops and more. There are also several restaurants offering everything from Italian cuisine to Chinese takeout as well as an arcade with over 30 games for visitors to enjoy while they shop or dine.

Olyphant is located directly south of Archbald and contains several attractions such as The Lackawanna River Heritage Trail which spans over 24 miles through the city offering scenic views along its path for hikers, bikers or joggers looking to explore the area’s natural beauty. There are also several restaurants ranging from traditional American fare to Mexican cuisine that offer visitors plenty of dining options during their stay in Olyphant.

Throop is located directly east of Archbald and contains many attractions such as The Midvalley Shopping Center which offers over 50 stores ranging from clothing boutiques to department stores making it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for while they shop in this vibrant town center! Additionally, there are plenty of restaurants offering everything from Italian cuisine to Chinese takeout making it easy for visitors to find something delicious during their visit!

Archbald, Pennsylvania

Population of Archbald, Pennsylvania

Archbald, Pennsylvania is a small borough located in Lackawanna County. With a population of approximately 5,400 residents, Archbald is the second largest borough in the county. The population is largely white, with 93.7% of the population being non-Hispanic white according to the 2010 US census. Additionally, there is a small but growing Hispanic and Latino population in the area at 4.3%. There are also small populations of African Americans (0.9%), Asians (0.4%), and Native Americans (0.2%).

The median age of Archbald’s residents is 42 years old with a gender ratio that’s slightly skewed towards women with 50.1% being female and 49.9% being male according to the 2018 US census estimates. The median household income for those living in Archbald is $46,841 which is slightly lower than the state median income of $52,007 according to data from 2018. Additionally, 17% of households are considered to be living below poverty level which is higher than both the state and national averages of 13% and 10%, respectively.

Archbald also has a large elderly population with close to 20% of its residents aged 65 or older compared to 14% statewide and 16% nationally according to 2018 US census estimates. This means that there are many seniors who need access to health care services such as prescription drugs or medical equipment as well as programs for social activities or transportation assistance so they can remain independent within their community.

Archbald has an ethnically diverse population with over 60 languages spoken by its residents including English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and Chinese among others reflecting its rich cultural heritage and history as well as its current diverse demographic makeup making it an interesting place for new visitors to explore!

Schools and Education in Archbald, Pennsylvania

Archbald, Pennsylvania is served by the Valley View School District which consists of two elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. The district offers a wide range of educational opportunities for its students including a variety of advanced placement classes, dual enrollment programs with local universities, and a variety of after-school activities.

The district’s elementary schools are Valley View Primary Center and Valley View Intermediate Center which offer kindergarten through fifth grade classes. Both schools provide students with a strong academic foundation in the core subjects as well as specialized instruction in art and music. Additionally, Valley View Primary Center offers an early childhood program for pre-kindergarten students.

Valley View Middle School provides sixth through eighth grade classes and focuses on preparing students for high school by offering courses in language arts, math, science, social studies as well as electives such as Spanish or technology education. Additionally, the middle school offers after-school activities such as sports teams or clubs to keep students engaged outside of the classroom.

Valley View High School offers ninth through twelfth grade classes including honors and advanced placement courses in all major subject areas as well as electives such as business education or health & physical education. The high school also has a strong extracurricular program with clubs such as student government or National Honor Society to encourage leadership skills among its students while also offering sports teams for competitive play against other area schools.

In addition to the public school system in Archbald there are also several private schools located nearby including Holy Cross High School which is a Catholic college preparatory academy and St Thomas Aquinas Academy which is an independent coeducational Catholic day school serving grades K-12.

Overall, Archbald provides an excellent educational opportunity for its residents with a wide range of public and private options available to meet their needs no matter what grade level they are at ensuring that all children have access to quality academic instruction within their community!

Places of Interest in Archbald, Pennsylvania

Archbald, Pennsylvania is a small borough located in Lackawanna County. The town offers a variety of attractions and activities that make it an ideal destination for visitors of all ages.

For those looking to explore the outdoors, Archbald Pothole State Park is the perfect destination. This park features a unique geological formation known as “potholes” which were formed by glacial action in the area. Visitors can take part in a variety of recreational activities such as fishing, hiking, biking, and picnicking. The park also features an educational center which offers nature programs and guided tours.

Archbald is home to several historical sites which provide insight into the local history and culture of the area. The Dickson Homestead Museum is a popular attraction for visitors who are interested in learning about the history of the Archbald area. The museum houses artifacts from various periods in the town’s history as well as displays on local industries such as coal mining and brick manufacturing. Additionally, visitors can take part in interactive activities such as candle-making or blacksmithing demonstrations at this museum.

The Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour is another great way to learn about Archbald’s past. This tour takes visitors underground into an old abandoned coal mine where they can learn about mining techniques used during the industrial revolution and see how miners worked first-hand.

For those looking for some fun in town, there are plenty of entertainment options available ranging from bowling alleys to movie theaters to arcades and more! There are also several restaurants offering delicious meals from traditional American cuisine to ethnic dishes such as Italian or Mexican food!

In addition to all these attractions, Archbald also boasts some great shopping opportunities with numerous stores ranging from antique shops to modern clothing boutiques lining its downtown streets! Whether you’re looking for souvenirs or just some new items for your wardrobe, you’ll definitely find something that catches your eye here!

Overall, there is something for everyone in Archbald – whether you’re looking for outdoor recreation or just want to explore its rich history – this small borough has plenty of attractions that will keep you entertained during your stay!