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Sights in Singapore

Singapore is a city of superlatives in many ways. More than five million people live in an area roughly the size of Hamburg. The population is made up of people of different origins who live together harmoniously despite their ethnic differences. The cityscape inspires with a fascinating mix of the most modern high-rise architecture and […]

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FLIGHTS, ACCOMMODATION AND MOVEMENT IN LISBON The Lisbon tram is one of the city’s hallmarks. Direct flights to Lisbon It is easy to travel from Finland to Lisbon, as there is a direct flight connection from Helsinki to the Portuguese capital. The Portuguese airline TAP Portugal operates direct flights from Helsinki to Lisbon three times […]

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Khao Lak Travel Guide

Khao Lak is perfect for a family vacation. The scenic Khao Lak has remained comfortably peaceful. Clear diving waters and interesting excursion destinations await nearby. Khao Lak is one of the most comfortable resorts in Thailand, with attractive beaches and diving opportunities. A green beach paradise Khao Lak is located on the west coast of Thailand, […]

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United States Public Policy

Current policy United States is a country located in the region of North America. Republican Donald Trump took office in 2017 and essentially runs typical right-wing politics, with tax cuts and liberalization. However, with a burdus and unpredictable appearance, he differs radically from former presidents and his suitability is questioned by many. But when he […]

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Paraguay Public Policy

Current policy Paraguay is a country located in the region of South America. The Conservative Colorado Party returned to power in Paraguay in 2013, after a five-year hiatus. Otherwise, the party has ruled the country since the 1940s. However, it is characterized by internal strife. Mario Abdo Benítez who became President in 2018 represents a […]

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Panama Public Policy

Current policy Panama is a country located in the region of North America. The 2019 election led to the long-dominant center-left Revolutionary Democratic Party (PRD) retaking the presidential power in Panama, after ten years in opposition. But that was far from the walk-on victory that had been predicted: Laurentino “Nito” Cortizo won by a slight […]

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Nicaragua Public Policy

Current policy Nicaragua is a country located in the region of North America. The Socialist Party FSLN has governed Nicaragua since 2007, with former Revolutionary leader Daniel Ortega as president. But criticism has gradually increased against his increasingly authoritarian rule. Protests that erupted in 2018 were mainly harmed by tough times, which left the country […]

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Nauru Public Policy

Current policy Nauru is a country located in the region of Micronesia. Nauru was ruled between July 2013 and August 2019 by President Baron Waqa and his government. Over the years, it received increasingly harsh criticism from the opposition and the outside world for how asylum seekers in an Australian detention camp on the island […]

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Micronesia Public Policy

Current policy Micronesia is a country located in the region of Micronesia. The Micronesian Federation is governed by President David W. Panuelo and his federal government. However, the four state governments have a great influence on politics. The most important political issues are how the country can reduce the great economic dependence of the United […]

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Mexico Public Policy

Current policy Mexico is a country located in the region of North America. Mexico has for the first time since December 2018 a marked left-wing president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and the Congress is also dominated by left-wing parties. López Obrador has promised profound changes, which enthusiasm for many voters who are tired of corruption, […]

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Kiribati Public Policy

Current policy Kiribati is a country located in the region of Micronesia. Kiribati is governed by President Taneti Maamau and his government. Maamau took office in March 2016. He then succeeded Anote Tong, who had been head of state and government since 2003 and was prevented by the constitution from running for re-election (see Political […]

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Jamaica Public Policy

Current policy Jamaica is a country located in the region of North America. In practice, Jamaica has a two-party system with two parties replacing each other in office. The right-wing Jamaica Workers’ Party (JLP) returned to power in 2016, after four years in opposition. New Prime Minister Andrew Holness, who also held the post for […]

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Honduras Public Policy

Current policy Honduras is a country located in the region of North America. The right-wing Nationalist Party has ruled Honduras since 2010 and the president since 2014 is Juan Orlando Hernández. The military has continued to influence politics, despite the fact that it has been over 30 years since the transition to civilian rule. Prior […]

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Guyana Public Policy

Current policy Guyana is a country located in the region of South America. The Indian-dominated party PPP-C ruled Guyana for over two decades after democracy was consolidated. In a very even election in 2015, an alliance dominated by Afro-Guyanans won and David Granger became president. The government lost a vote of no confidence in 2018 […]

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Guatemala Public Policy

Current policy Guatemala is a country located in the region of North America. Guatemala has been governed since January 2020 by the right-wing president Alejandro Giammattei, a former doctor and prison chief who has held three previous presidential elections but never held any political office. He has promised tough deals against corruption and crime. Before […]

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Grenada Public Policy

Current policy Grenada is a country located in the region of North America. In the 2013 election, the New National Party (NNP) regained power after nearly five years in opposition. Prime Minister Keith Mitchell was successful in his intention to address Grenada’s financial problems. But he did not get the residents with him in the […]

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Fiji Public Policy

Current policy Fiji is a country located in the region of Melanesia. Fiji’s domestic policy is characterized by contradictions between the country’s two major ethnic groups: Fiji and Indian. Tensions have led to four military coups since the 1980s. In the latest, in 2006, then-Army Chief Frank Bainimarama took power under the pretext that he […]

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