I call places that – built for the maintained quality time alone with myself making inside and outside happy beauty spots so to speak. And because there are known not just a few of them, I will lead you through the jungle of vanities and show the best and most rewarding places in the series of the greatest beauty spots in the world.

After the jacks beauty Department in Berlin follows on my beauty map today: the Aesop store in Hamburg.

Oh, Hamburg ABC district has a new luxury pharmacy opened in the post road? So anyway, you might think if you all just winks window by it. At second glance, the experienced lover of beautiful things but quickly recognizes: there is a new branch of the Australian brand Aesop.

Special on the new shop? This one is adorned with a treatment room for facial treatments. And so he is a pioneer in Europe so far. Not even the Nigel brand new store in the Berlin’s Fasanenstrasse or in Cologne can match that. The Antwerp firm Vincent Van Duysen has remained true to the style of the brand and closely connected: much bare plaster, warm, untreated oak and blackened steel are the stage for all the free-standing, clinical products, which not only I would like to congratulate solemnly to the stunning packaging.

Either beautiful or great

You enter the Aesop signature store of the monument guns of brick building, there are then two ways after recently lingering in the typical Aesop essential fragrance heaven: either in bright joy through the ever-growing range of Aesop’s world of products to test, at the sink well passed along the bookcase to the seating area and back again – or you can treat yourself to a true face treatment. Here you have the choice between a detoxifying overhaul of the 60-minute Detox then – to relieve and stimulate tired skin or but 5 other, perfectly adapted to the needs of skin facial treatments up to the 90-minute lactate surge – which then perfectly nourishes and stressed skin back aufpeppelt.

There are treatment rooms and there is the Aesop treatment Temple

For the treatment of facial for sensitive skin have Nawal, the friendly Aesop employee, and I decided after a question and answer round. After an hour in the beautiful temple of treatment, and this should be stressed really double, I would ask Sylke to adopt me or to have a NAP under the counter. I both resist me, shake her soft hand, grab my product selection and float out of the shops. Anyway, my skin, my head and I, we had a great time with you in Hamburg. A week later I can feel the effect of the treatment.