Who thinks the designers would just lie in his arms after their big shows, toast to their creations, and a couple days rest, deceives the very powerfully. Only one day after malaikaraiss, great autumn/winter 2015 show during the last mercedes-benz fashion week here in berlin, we meet our favorite designer even again on the set of the lookbook shoot with favorite model franzi müller. The reason for the ruckizucki action? “well, you know, sarah. Now we have all a bit resternergie. Next week is possibly quite gone.” So to eyes and continue work!

We could be hair this year exclusively on the shooting while and make look up artist gregor makris over the shoulders and look into cooperation with toni & guy hair meet wardrobe carefully look off his #hairmeetmalaika and watch how photographer cathleen wolf with every shot for a hit provided. But now everything in order. 

Like the recipe for a great fashion show is? Creations full of aha moments, surprises and nahbarkeiten, character models, who not only take seriously their job, but also visual fun have a stylist who knows exactly what creations on the catwalk to enter into a liaison (well done, jasmin!) And of course the pros for hair and make-up – and this is where toni & guy hair meet wardrobe in the game comes.

In cooperation with gregor zauberhandchen makris and malaikaraiss, the three spot created the appropriate look to the show: a little tomboy here, feminine elements, let-loose attitude all over and very much malaika as a finish: the result? A hair creation that can be implemented in the hand rumdrehen and thanks to the secret weapon, the sea salt stresses spray, the roughe note of the label.

Looks at the first moment after a fairly elaborate fischgretzopf, right? Is in fact, easypeasy twisted numbers that even we can implement in the blink of an eye. Ready?

The feminine tomboy look malaiaraiss and tony & guy

1 sprays properly heat protection crap into towel-dried hair, to protect it from the heat.

2nd in the second step follows already the ultimate secret weapon of the look: the casual sea salt texturising spray, which makes for the perfect beach look. Spray evenly on the hair, distribute, and blow dry. Not brushed look, not combed.

3 to prevent crisis blissful hair and the hair gloss to give the necessary portion, spoiled her’s now with the “radiating” tropical elixir. Spray back hair aka best in the top and knead, knead, knead.

Spray, spray, blow dry, spray, knead:
and then you’re arrived at this step:

  1. hair centered in two areas share and loose screw inside. Don’t brush!
    Twirl, twirl, twirl
  2. both strands with a rubber band the tie just before the end (5cm) of the tips together.

6 the dispersed parts of the hair loosely apart zuppeln, to create the look you want undone.

7 to bend the rubber band just yet with a streak and stuck with parenthesis.

8 and at last everything with the flexible hold fix hairspray.

9 and this step is followed by all alone: individual strands will be solved in the course of the day and in the face. And if you’ve done everything right.

For the makeup was the professional way, on a discreet nude look perfect to the powdery, airy-light collection of berliner watched and the „ girl next door “ moment completed.

Malaikaraiss 9 malaikaraiss 12 malaikaraiss 13

And looks the whole thing in action:

And so in the short breaks:

And peak of the result is a small sneak ’ s today quite exclusively on top:
et voilà – the lookbook by malaikaraiss for the winter of 2015

And some more pictures of the styling pleasing?

– in friendly cooperation with toni & guy hair meet wardrobe –