The graduation party It is one of the key in the lives of those moments that closes a cycle. It is the ideal place to look more beautiful that we know and demonstrate that you spare us style. To be original and not go as all, you can choose the set blazer-pantalon, a style boyfriend that will make us unique that day.

Dresses is a great choice for graduating, but why not try something different? You don’t have to risk much as Blake Lively with her looks so sexy but who would dare to be sure that it will be ideal.

More nuanced is the example of Olivia Palermo, with a blazer and trousers achieves a very elegant and classic look. Is the usual style which always someone bet in this type of ceremonies and everyone thinks: look what beauty is, should have done the same I and not so much dress that will all equal.

Even better, we risk more. We have already set to remove hiccup, go with class to a major event, but we need to give the unique touch to the look. This will accomplish it something that shock at first, as in this case the peep-toes dorados of Olivia Palermo. Does not lack that we elect to something so strong, but if we have a collar or a bag that stands out we will not hesitate to use it.

The Black is the safe choice. A total black look It gives us the certainty that we will go for the best dressed of the ceremony. The con is it is too off and that we are talking about a ceremony in summer, so we can highlight for evil. It would be more preferred for dinner that night for the morning ceremony. That Yes, if we wear it as well as Victoria Beckham then it gives equal the above.

To lessen the sobriety of the black better we combine it with a elegant blouse, whether nude tones or white, both will go very well. High-heeled shoes will go, of course, game with this last garment.

And if we already want to go one step further, we can reduce our pants measures, Choose shorts they stick with our blazer and they are good, not worth the every day, and add in the flaps on the American scale to make it stand out even more the set. The sequins here Yes will shine and will improve the style.

The shorts each time they look more at red carpet events and the celebrities wear them as if were dressed. That Yes, care must be taken with a total white look because it can be very good or very bad at according to which persons and how to take. Gwyneth Paltrow It does not have much of a problem because he does everything right.

Speaking of summer, I bet a set as of Tilda Swinton. Magnificent. This is unique and all we glorify our election and will assume the risk of different.

Although if we already want to go only to the ceremony the best thing to do is to imitate the style of Diane Kruger and provide for the boyfriend without any complex, including straps.

Are you more than dress or trousers for an important ceremony?