Chile History

Chile Economy and History

Economy The economy in Chile The economy of Chile is one of the most stable in South America. The economy has been growing for more than ten years. In the Human Development Index, a list of all countries that measure income, but also the health and education of its residents, Chile ranks 42nd (out of […]

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Uruguay Flag

Uruguay Travel

CULINARY, NATURE & GLAMOROUS SEASIDE RESORTS Uruguay is an ideal combination country when traveling through Argentina. We recommend a bathing extension on the dune beaches of the wild Atlantic coast and a visit to the sea lion colonies on the protected Isla de Lobos. The most famous seaside resort is Punta del Este , about […]

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Dominican Republic Flag

Travel to Dominican Republic

SURPRISING ISLAND PARADISE Aside from the package tourism, the Dominican Republic surprises especially in the south with untouched bays , picturesque nature and the impressive mountain landscapes of the Cordillera Central up to 3,000 m altitude, the so-called “Dominican Alps”. Also worth seeing are the lively colonial capital Santo Domingo , the flamingos in the […]

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Trinidad and Tobago Flag

Trips to Trinidad and Tobago

ISLAND SISTERS IN THE CARIBBEAN The two island beauties of Trinidad and Tobago are located northeast of Venezuela, between the Caribbean and the Atlantic. While Tobago is particularly suitable for beach holidays , travelers appreciate Trinidad for its cultural highlights and many fascinating nature experiences . According to recipesinthebox, Trinidad is particularly popular with ornithologists: […]

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Holidays in Tobago

Holidays in Tobago

Tobago is the perfect destination for those who want to relax in the Caribbean. Tobago has many fantastic beaches and has some of the best dive sites in the world. Enjoy the beauty of nature on beaches like Englishman’s Bay. March to August each year is the season to watch the turtles. Leather turtles, the […]

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Paraguay Public Policy

Current policy Paraguay is a country located in the region of South America. The Conservative Colorado Party returned to power in Paraguay in 2013, after a five-year hiatus. Otherwise, the party has ruled the country since the 1940s. However, it is characterized by internal strife. Mario Abdo Benítez who became President in 2018 represents a […]

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Nicaragua Public Policy

Current policy Nicaragua is a country located in the region of North America. The Socialist Party FSLN has governed Nicaragua since 2007, with former Revolutionary leader Daniel Ortega as president. But criticism has gradually increased against his increasingly authoritarian rule. Protests that erupted in 2018 were mainly harmed by tough times, which left the country […]

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Mexico Public Policy

Current policy Mexico is a country located in the region of North America. Mexico has for the first time since December 2018 a marked left-wing president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and the Congress is also dominated by left-wing parties. López Obrador has promised profound changes, which enthusiasm for many voters who are tired of corruption, […]

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Guyana Public Policy

Current policy Guyana is a country located in the region of South America. The Indian-dominated party PPP-C ruled Guyana for over two decades after democracy was consolidated. In a very even election in 2015, an alliance dominated by Afro-Guyanans won and David Granger became president. The government lost a vote of no confidence in 2018 […]

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Guatemala Public Policy

Current policy Guatemala is a country located in the region of North America. Guatemala has been governed since January 2020 by the right-wing president Alejandro Giammattei, a former doctor and prison chief who has held three previous presidential elections but never held any political office. He has promised tough deals against corruption and crime. Before […]

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Ecuador Public Policy

Current policy Ecuador is a country located in the region of South America. Former Vice President Lenín Moreno won the 2017 presidential election, by barely a margin. He was a hand-picked successor to the leftist Rafael Correa who ruled Ecuador for a decade, longer than any other president. Shortly after the change of power, however, […]

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Cuba Public Policy

Current policy Cuba is a country located in the region of North America. When General Raúl Castro succeeded his older brother Fidel in 2008 as head of state, a gradual unlocking of the state-controlled economy began, but the economic reforms were not accompanied by any political opening. The party continued to control virtually every aspect […]

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Colombia Public Policy

Current policy Colombia is a country located in the region of South America. Colombia has been governed since August 2018 by Iván Duque, who represents the right-wing Democratic Center (CD). Duque went to the election with a promise to tear down parts of the peace agreement that Representative Juan Manuel Santos made peace with the […]

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