Nauru Public Policy

Current policy Nauru is a country located in the region of Micronesia. Nauru was ruled between July 2013 and August 2019 by President Baron Waqa and his government. Over the years, it received increasingly harsh criticism from the opposition and the outside world for how asylum seekers in an Australian detention camp on the island […]

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Micronesia Public Policy

Current policy Micronesia is a country located in the region of Micronesia. The Micronesian Federation is governed by President David W. Panuelo and his federal government. However, the four state governments have a great influence on politics. The most important political issues are how the country can reduce the great economic dependence of the United […]

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Kiribati Public Policy

Current policy Kiribati is a country located in the region of Micronesia. Kiribati is governed by President Taneti Maamau and his government. Maamau took office in March 2016. He then succeeded Anote Tong, who had been head of state and government since 2003 and was prevented by the constitution from running for re-election (see Political […]

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Fiji Public Policy

Current policy Fiji is a country located in the region of Melanesia. Fiji’s domestic policy is characterized by contradictions between the country’s two major ethnic groups: Fiji and Indian. Tensions have led to four military coups since the 1980s. In the latest, in 2006, then-Army Chief Frank Bainimarama took power under the pretext that he […]

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Australia Public Policy

Current policy Australia is a country located in the region of Australasia. A Conservative government with the Liberal Party and the National Party has ruled Australia since 2013. During the period, the Prime Minister has been replaced twice in internal partisans – something that has become increasingly common in recent years. Scott Morrison is the […]

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