If “Victoria’s Secret”-Engel Travel…

The angels have spread their flights! Candice Swanepoel (26), Adriana Lima (33), Alessandra Ambrosio (33), Karlie Kloss (22) and 36 other Victoria’s secret models mounted on Sunday their Angel Flight to jets to the show to London. And when Angels fly, then of course no economy! 5570 kilometres as the crow flies – so a […]

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Samsung Leads the Smartwatch Market
Samsung Leads the Smartwatch Market 1

In the first quarter of 2014, Samsung would have sold 500,000 copies of his Galaxy Gear. A commercial success giving it 71% of the world market for the smartwatches during this period, Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit were not yet available for sale.

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Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Gadget
Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Gadget 1

More than 30% of buyers of a Galaxy Gear quickly bring their watch to the store, according to US retailer Best Buy. That’s why Samsung will run the gadget with several smartphones by the end of the year. More than thirty percent of owners of a Samsung Galaxy Gear bring their smart watch back to the […]

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