After I myself only eagerly might want direction Hamburg on their side on Sarah Jane’s last visit, I had even the chance to take a look at the Chanel open beauty House on the Harbour and close to make me a colourful image of the autumn-winter beauty trends this time.

The upcoming AW 2015 stands Chanel beauty world: for example, two large (very different) color themes – and I want to no longer deprive you beauty mice what that means:

Color theme number 1

Blue Rithm: the eye is in focus and is a star – help him strongly pigmented, silvery metallic or deep blue Eyeshadows. The soloist OMBRE essential may be worn very much with wet applicator, so scary is gaining intensity and is therefore also perfect for my beloved Yes secretly and so hot, hard graphic looks suitable.

The colors the Quad combination LES 4 OMBRES, however, be applied without water, but for this cute and easy together blinded and together built – also as lending isn’t rocket science so.

The turquoise mascara CILS SCINTILLANTS jazzy Blue will I ran feeling to me in peace times. He is delicately applied on the eyelash lace, deep in the eye – delivering 3D of LE VOLUME ULTRA-NOIR DE CHANEL is so ultimately highly pigmented that he close puts at the lashes like an eyeliner and so compressed the eyelashes (crazy).

As a complement to the rock ‘n’ roll makeup stands eyes of colorless lip GLOSS VOLUME. Which is so exciting because his pink pepper extract and oils leaves your lips with Viatmin E natural blush and gives incredible mirror shine without sticking the mouth also only a bit soggy – he is my first highlight – along with the two colours LE VERNIS nail vibrato and FORTISSIMO: the perfect combination for jeans look, leather jackets, small black, silver of heels, or somehow almost all other cool friends with me in the closet.

Colour world number 2

In stark contrast, the color world is number two for the whole face in the autumn – winter months, which we now actually still don’t even want to think, given the cozy autumnal stroll but ever no discomfort generated.

Aka color theme 2 Collection Les Automnales: the natural world is strong on the Ajar and uses her beauty and color palette. Velvet colors gekupferten soft Brown of Dark chestnut tones to reddish it makes really nice comfortable Chanel fall then with us. Between matt and uniformly glittering different textures create a natural look.

Red and copper shades are my personal surprise and a third highlight. Thought I but so far can you only lose in a red-rimmed eye and questions are inevitable after “Hay fever?”. Our Chanel Make-Up professionals and make-up legends Loni Baur and Martin Schmid show us to the models that the sick but not after must look, but on the contrary: looks really strong and unusually modern. The Illision D’Ombre color Rouge Gorge, for example, has me to blow. Already thinking a red copper brown tone affects the eyes of bombastic who would? As well as the Rouge JAQUES CONTRASTE, that rather frumpy and dark color Alezane in potty training, applied but the cheeks after a fine dinner by the fireplace is similar to.

You got again me jap, her Chanel – also the history to the CHRÉATION EXCLUSIVE eyeshadow palette was too good to find them cheesy constructed: according to Chanel that is modeled on the Naturals embossed pattern of the eyeshadow palette Windows in the orphanage of Cocos chanels. Bought, paid to.

My fourth and last highlight is the new fragrance line CHANCE – EAU is he called Vive, you could say but just as instant energy or: God of sharp Blutorgange. I am totally in love with the fresh, warm, young but has always been a great friend of the series was not too citrus-heavy scent, but also honestly. White musk, jasmine, and a slight citrus Note form the framework of the chance. Cedar, Iris and fresh vetiver provide the young energy kick for the new addition to the family.

Thank you Chanel, it was magical with you – and not only because your cocktail mixer the chance fragrance series in drinks for us re interpreted. Nope, Nope. Until next time

Perfume by the way is there from June 6 buy, you’ll find the autumn look from the 10.10 in the stores and the products to the blue Rithm eye campaign are kaufbereit from the 29.08