The collections of major firms are much more than the story behind a brand and huge investments in advertising, is a fact. That the clones will never be as good as the original designs, a true incostestable. And that is known when you have front and wonders in the form of garments can be played as of Chanel spring/summer 2010.

If the collection of the kaiser left than usual, not only by its bucolic staging, but by the novelty of its rustic air. A chic rural spirit that translates into each of the elements of a newly-masterful collection. Because Karl often can you their ways of genius and Castle in his role of “ do what you do, will probably ”, but to be faithful to the spirit of a legendary House and innovate (marking in addition tendency), is only suitable for geniuses who are capable of making us want things that we would never wish for themselves.

As for example, clogs. A shoe with which almost all have had a love-hate story, but I’m sure that the coming summer will be without question.

When the you see live give you gan desire to get them jobs but until then you have to hate them.

But for spectacular shoes, they made applications in the form of flower, very Napoleonic and Court of Versailles (although for classic and timeless, the bi-color).

The details are the difference. Note is the hand, it shows the genius, and note the intention.

If I were a woman’s possible or if someone told me “ get what you want from the Chanel spring/summer 2010 collection, no doubt I would be with a bag.

Although I confomraria with a mini-monedero like these.

My favorite models are the most consistent with the spirit of the collection. This crochet.

And this one that seems made of straw.

Game with a series of gadgets type wallets, cases for ipod, belts or bracelets matacrilato.

Add-ins are certainly the sustenance of the French maison. It is what is sold and it shows the detail that is put into them.

And we must not forget about the jewelry. Retro aires with pearls, maxi-necklaces, chokers and bracelets pins.

That Yes: my accessory fetish would be these leather mitts.

From the kaiser has an enviable figure the emphasis on sports-themed, is a constant.

Someone is targeted to play tennis with this racket?

And who said that pétanque is a thing of retirees?

By the way, do you remember fake tattoos that decorated the thighs and necks of the models in the parade? Therefore, the beauty of Chanel team is working to launch them on the market in the form of stickers!