“Is it dangerous? That sounds really creepy”

Sarah Jane’s worry sound comes not just surprisingly when I tell her of my chemical peeling experiment wishes. She also will have the pictures of sex and the city-Samantha’s disfigured face in the head. “That’s peeling like mechanical just with acid” I’m trying not just sent to calm her down. But first turn: chemical peel – what is it?

Scrub, which we know now. Time with grain, with salt – a time-honored beauty hat. Due to the structure of the particles are dead skin cells and impurities away rubbed by the movement. We had also had a few ideas of self Mach. The chemical peeling, however, works with caustic (ohgott) or irritant (already read aua) substances which should replace upper or even deeper underlying layers of skin, for example, eliminate acne scars or just improving and smoothing of the skin structure are used. 

There are different forms of peeling. In the offer we had because, for example, the fruit acid peeling, trichloroacetic acid, or phenol. That belongs already to the popular fruit acid peeling in this country, it is considered one of the milder forms of chemical peels, aim primarily, removing the top layer of skin to fine wrinkles, pigmentation problems or mild Acne to eliminate.

As the trichloroacetic acid peeling, which intensively works as the fruit acid peeling. Phenol, however, here in Germany do not very much working with – because the solution with up to 45% times loose easy can distort the pretty face friends. Jap, correct is – not a bowl of cherries! Read more!

Acid? In the face? Is it actually still?

I must unfortunately admit it: the temptation is big – very big indeed and it sounds like a venture, which however just beauty piglets as I should be. A life at the limit. Everything for the beauty – and for you of course.

The counter the side-effects and disadvantages that I found listed in the course of my research are in bold letters: irritated skin, redness, swelling and, in the worst case even scarring – and all in the face? Moreover, Sun is toxic to the skin after the usually multiple treatments and on top of that, then she must be treated as a fallen out of its nest, freshly hatched birds baby. Not to mention the public, one would have to say treatment then for two weeks goodbye after a phenol – due to the Frankenstein visage. „ Social life for eternal youth exchanges “-sounds like a pact with the devil. Oh, I forgot to mention the generally high price of 50-€100 per session. So let’s face it – da go ‘ I prefer in the Sun and have a rest on a hammock. So here we are talking about a really hard intervention, which is equivalent to an OP. Then, let’s do better than – or?

Well – curiosity prevails as always and I’m getting an ultra, ultra light home-spa variant of Sensilis.

The light variant Sensilis age lab in the home test


Three different strong acid ampules of 6% to 10%


1 week 5% hydroxycarboxylic acids + 6% EPB3 complex

Week 2. 7.5% hydroxycarboxylic acids + 8% EPB3 complex

Week 3. 10% hydroxycarboxylic acids + 10% EPB3 complex

Three viscous masks that are impregnated with solutions a soothing serum for then

So go:

Once a week for three weeks the fabric mask with the solution be tilt and soak for 15 minutes in the face Let. The effect is a slight Bitzeln on the skin, it tingles without being uncomfortable. Then the skin at the first solution is not red, the second a little and after the third solution mask my face had a bright red face paint at least two hours after – like after an advanced spinning class. The next day a slight desquamation or Abpeelung of the skin is clearly recognizable. But very delicate and not disturbing. With, except me, that would have no one. Apply according to the mask and have every morning and evening I also discharge str eating, rich serum. It stuck me too much and left behind a movie, so I limited it to the evening.

Bottom line:

I will continue to make a wide berth to the professional version in any beauty clinics for the simple reason because I’m on my face. The age lab Sensilis solution, however, suggested a peeling at least for me as a small spring fresh maker blast – the skin is a bit krebsig right after the treatment, has however also this “fresh from the sport” painting, I like to be like. The desquamation happens very gently and evenly. The skin looks like to a grain peeling then fresh and pure. Everything in the green zone so.