Today, I would like to introduce you a fashion brand that would benefit a lot to be known, because of its excellent value for money.

Nak Dimons sells shirts manufactured by ready-to-wear factories specialized in high-end clothing. The economic model is relatively simple to understand: since there are very few intermediaries between the final piece and the consumer (no abyssal communication budgets, stores to pay, distributors, etc.), it can claim to propose Of exemplary pieces.

The brand goes against the current brands of shirts that are emerging. No square buttons anywhere or huge and useless collars. Much attention was paid to cutting or finishing, so it took 7 months to finalize the final models, with several unsuccessful prototypes. It is a work of research that I can only salute.

The promises on paper were enticing, and I was curious to see if they were held.

Let’s stop the suspense: having had a shirt between my hands and two ties, I can say that yes, I was very pleasantly surprised by the value for money announced.

For starters, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the packaging had been particularly careful:

Tasteful attention. Here is the shirt:

Once the shirt opened, believe me, I literally inspected it from all sides:

  • The buttons are in gray mother-of-pearl, of a rather peculiar hue (I specify that I have a black shirt)
  • The last buttonhole is horizontal
  • A purple edging ends the shirt
  • The seams are particularly fine and regular, the connoisseurs will notice it immediately
  • The finishes involving fabric overlays (armpits, beginning of the wrist slit) are very neat, there is nothing wrong
  • Presence of large whales for the cervix
  • Well proportioned collar
  • The poplin is of excellent quality, and that’s normal. David, the founder, was proud to tell me that he came from the best manufacturers of Italian fabrics.

No doubt, it is a shirt of excellent quality. A few words also about the cut:

  • I took an adjusted cut, which corresponds to a Slim Fit from Zara a wider hair. We get closer to an M from Bill Tornade
  • I who have long arms and can not find shirts with sleeves long enough in standard ready-to-wear, I was pleased to note that the sleeves fall pile hair, a very appreciable detail (those who have the Same type of morphology will include)
  • The shoulders fall well, nothing to say about it.

The pictures of the denim shirt taken from the are very representative:

In short, a very pleasant surprise. Note that the brand offers an interesting shirt with a stitched collar.

It remains obviously to see how it is washing, but for the moment, I am very satisfied.

A few words about ties. The ties I received were thick, well finished (they are handmade), a beautiful color, with a quality silk. Here is the one I received:

For the price, the quality is impeccable, and it should be sold double.

You have understood, I warmly recommend the brand, so please, do not rely on their website too much agreed and banal, and go, you will not be disappointed.

This is exactly the type of brand of ready-to-wear well-priced, attentive to what it sells, which I like to put forward.