Christopher Kane in The Week of The Fashion of London Autumn/Winter 2008/09

There is no doubt, I’m a fan of Christopher Kane and I am not surprised to be the best parade that so far has been in the London fashion week. Christopher we liked without any possible criticism with a collection that was lacking that air of possible vulgarity in designs that some had pointed out.

On the contrary, the Scots showed us because it is the wunderkind of the current English design with a collection of sophisticated, poetic and full of clothes that can be directly from the catwalk to the street with a touch of chic and casual.

I fell in love with at first sight of the magnificent poncho that opened the catwalk, but my taste for his designs could only be increasing settled looked at what Kane brought us as a proposal for next season Autumn-Winter 2008/09. It changed the spandex and the strong colors by a subtle and romantic combination of light blue, green moss, black, white and grey with textures like leather, the chiffon and many large and bright sequins.

The basic pieces of the collection were a few beautiful dresses that tenuous fell over the bodies of the models, left to glimpse parts of the body of a sensual menera and aggressive, while nothing is amildaban to the figure. But also fat point jerseys covered the female figure at the time as is entremezlcaban with leather or sequins to give them a more sophisticated touch.

Definitely, Kane has surpassed itself and has made us see that is made. Note transparent Sandals design reminds me of the trend dictated by Balenciaga, in a sort of Roman influence.