How do I know which colors fit together?

Is it just to take a chance? Is it coincidence? Have it with any garment that is to do? Thankfully not, color matching is actually an answer key

“Fashion is what you buy, style is what you make of it”

An old saying when it comes to dress nicely, and it’s incredibly true. Every day you see people with expensive and beautiful clothes, but do not have any idea about how to combine them, or even wear them. To have expensive clothes does not make you dressed, not by a long shot. Dressing well is about combining the right materials, garments, and above all, the right colors.

Here is a complete guide on how to combine the right colors to get the thought out and really stylish outfits. Remember, color is extremely powerful and well-outfit with color is almost always more attractive than one that consists only of the neutral colors.

The neutral colors

Do you want to make it as easy as possible for you so you can bet on just buying clothes in neutral colors, they can all be combined with each other what other colors at any time without cutting himself. However, it is rarely the most inspiring and the best looking (although black trousers and white shirt is an unbeatable combination).
An easy way to dress up is to always have a neutral color as the base for your outfit, then you just need to combine basic item with 1 or 2 fitting garments / accessories to easily compose a good outfit.

Color wheel – for easy color matching clothes

Do you feel more brave, and eager to wear color (which everyone should do) then there is a very useful tool, color wheel.

The color wheel is something that is used in color theory, it is an instrument for knowing how to combine colors for optimum results. Whether one is looking for contrasts that cut themselves, colors that blend together or just find suitable, adjacent colors as the color wheel really useful.

If you feel completely lost when it comes to colors, so I can recommend to save the image below (color wheel) on your phone so that you have a reference when you are out and buying clothes. Coming home with new clothes that then does not match with anything in your closet is frustrating to say the least.

The color wheel can be divided into primary, secondary, contiguous and complementary colors. It is with the help of the division that you can easily find matching colors.

Primary colors

The primary colors, Red, Yellow and Blue are the foundation of all other colors. Therefore, they are called “The primary colors.”
When it comes to color matching of the primary colors, in a simple way, you can work with a monochrome outfit (an outfit that consists of only a single color) or to make it more fun, one consisting of any of the neutral colors of the primary colors, e.g. Black pants, a blue polo, blue cardigan and a blue leather bracelet.

Adjacent colors

Adjacent colors are a simple way to create some impact in your outfit. Matching complementary colors (more on this below) often create a true attention-grabbing outfit, an easier way is to work with a neutral color as a base and then adding 2-3 garments / accessories of adjacent colors. The adjoining colors blend together well.

Secondary colors

The secondary colors are the result of a mixture of the primary colors. This is nothing you need to consider or even know when it comes to color match your clothes.

Complementary colors

Colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel are called complementary colors. They are perfect to match with each other and provides a well designed and stylish outfit, for example, you can have a blue suit and accentuate it with an orange tie or handkerchief, or an orange shirt / polo shirt with a pair of navy slacks.
The picture below is a good example of stylish color matching, navy blue and blue suit, sweater and shirt along with a handkerchief in the complementary color orange, really nice!

To learn to combine clothing for the colors that complement each other is the hardest when it comes to color matching, but it also provides the best and most thoughtful result.

Wear more color!

Now that you have learned the basics of color matching clothes so you just take out your entire wardrobe, look at what your favorite pieces are and using the color wheel to find out which accessories / clothing you need to buy, and in what colors to make your wardrobe really well stocked and well thought out.