The “blue steel” look He has conquered until the most famous doll in the world, Barbie. Derek Zoolander is your new companion. We do not know what find Ken on the matter, but the reality is that Barbie has a few days very entertaining with Derek. @barbiestyle Instagram account we have seen different very funny scenes and full of glamour. Without a doubt, Barbie has a new friend very fashion.

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Derek Zoolander already have their own Barbie doll, as Hansel McDonald (Owen Wilson). A few days ago, both, they posed as mannequins in the window of Valentino in Rome and now become the companions of Barbie. The truth is that Derek is achieved, the same black hair, the eye-catching lips penetrating look… and of course, dress to the last.

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Owen Wilson and Penelope Cruz They also have their own dolls. Although I must say that does not seem so much to themselves as Derek.

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In the Barbie Instagram, We can see different photos which recreate different activities where Barbie and Derek are the protagonists. The world of fashion and everything to do with it, surrendered at the feet of Zoolander, turning it into an icon of fashion. We don’t know if Mattel plans to market to Derek Zoolander, but more than one would be running to the store to buy it.

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