I admit, but until this morning I had never heard about Designer and choreographer Jorge Dutor. Yesterday evening, as we were eating roscon in friends house, and had one of those flat televisions size lit XXL, that I had set obliquely in the modern going this year the Three kings of the Madrid cavalcade.

Without wanting to immediately partnered their clothing to those silk pajamas embroidered with birds of paradise which had seen paraded by the catwalks coinciding with past parades of Dries Van Noten o Louis Vuitton. Designers who chose to lay your hands on those others who left their mark. I am referring to the likes of Salvador Dali and designers like ELSA Schiaparelli.

This is not news, it is the trend of this season

I know there have been who has protested angrily comparing these creations with fancy dress outfits purchased in Chinese of the corner and even shower curtains, but it is that clearly the people is not put in question of trends and as all these proposals that were in the parades will not be in stores until the next spring, because it is clear up to normal that nobody understands anything.

Personally, I think that the controversy has emerged about statements that made Dutor explaining that he had chosen to move away from the Baroque style and classic traditional, fleeing from the aesthetics of the Neapolitan crib to the Dolce & Gabbana, to bet on an approach much more allegorical who played the air, the water and the grndto from the Sun it said nothing, was not to be someone to associate it with the Sun King!

Dutor, which is a multidisciplinary artist moves by alternative scenic and artistic environments, what probably intended is to introduce idioms and forms of production of contemporary performing arts with other artistic disciplines – as he did when he performed with fellow Guillem Mont of Palol in meeting La Encartada.

This together with a photo of the designer wearing t-shirt, hipster beard and earring in his ear did that, ipso facto, the most conservative associate the good of Dutor with militants of any political party, inadvertently has that now appear after the parades so you applaud wearing jeans and a t-shirt, as is the Alessandro Michele of Gucci.

Another misunderstood to who put green when it presented its tendency “Uoma”, which consisted of clothing with prints of flowers and silk with bows and lace mens shirts, and now everyone reveres as fashion magazines have been canonized as the Summum of creativity and design.

And is that so bad is not as! stay ahead of the trends! When you later than normal to you is cause surprise or at least perplexity. The confusion of genders, for example, it has been more than patent in many of the recent parades. However, although it’s a strong bet that it is likely that do not like to all over the world, this fashion that invites the man to take his more feminine side without complexes is showing, sales, that not intimidated in excess to the call strong fashion sex.

Already opened the door to the Creativity, the question now is: who and with what will surprise us year coming during the traditional? Cabalgata of Reyes Madrid? My bet is for Juan Carlos Mesa Agatha Ruiz of the Prada, that for that love girls costumes full of brightness and color, and the ermine is a protected species.