Dress the Kids after Layer on Layer Principle

Keep the kids just enough warm throughout autumn and winter. The solution to all the problems spelled clothing layering principle.

Now soon minus degrees here – but that does not mean that outside the spawning season is over. Dress children under layer upon layer principle, so they stay warm and dry. The point of the layering principle is that the air between the garments insulate heat in a good way, while moisture is transported away from the body.

Start by dressing children in a base layer closest to the body. The polyester fabric wicks moisture away from the body, merino however warms wonderfully. Select the weather, but avoid cotton whatever the weather as it absorbs moisture and makes kids cold.

Stock number two should be slightly warm. Fleece is a favorite! Depending on how cold it is outside, you can add more intermediate layers.

At the top, the child must have an outer garment that can withstand wind, rain and snow. Do you have dressed the child in underwear and a warm layer may not need a third-lined bearings, without a shell layer can suffice. Select the weather.

– Layering makes it easy to dress baby for the weather. You can then easily control by removing a layer of baby got too hot covering up, says Åsa Nordin Didriksons. What is the most common mistake parents make when they dress their children for outdoor play? – They take them too much clothing, which means that the child becomes immobile. If I have a limited budget, what should I put the most money on, bottom, middle, or outer layer? – outer layer, which keeps baby warm and dry. I choose the course shoes or boots for the weather, but what can I do to children should not be cold feet? – on the child’s feet, put a sock that keeps the little feet warm. what garments are unexpectedly good buy for their baby before the autumn and winter months? – a vinyl rack keeps baby dry. Dry kids who do not get cold that they are playing in the rain are happy children. Also remember to adjust the cap thickness after the weather conditions. Select southwest during rain, thinner hat for warmer weather and a thicker cap when cool.



10 Tips for Dressing Baby for Winter

10 Tips for Dressing Baby for Winter

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