Caution, it follows a smart information post – and anyone who knows me, knows: the article, in which I must squeeze much knowledge on so little space as possible, are to me a thorn in the side. Vice versa on the other hand: Lots of text, much Scala blah and less very hard facts go me down as oil – which we would be seen in today’s topic (transition Queen): or almost, because you do not swallow the oil and the fact that we are discussing today – dragging. Yes, but not by the nose, by the cocoa or behind him – no, the teeth and the complete area of the mouth. “Oil pulling” is a sufficiently well-known, dating back to Ayurvedic medicine method that will serve mainly special oral hygiene and even cure diseases. There are also mountains of knowledge, but here, now, and today I tried once you and me to answer the most important questions. Oily is not.

We started with the most important: oil pulling? What is that anyway?

, This Ayurvedic natural remedies has already a few years under their belt, and many fans around the world. In Germany spread is not too long, the “Oil pulling” in India and Russia already of course as a best practice practice and this of course is still fairly simple and pure. The Russian doctor Dr. Karach helped the method to today’s fame, saying after healing her on a medical Congress. Diseases in the mouth, especially on the herds of the tooth should be cured by the antibacterial and antiviral properties of the oils. The natural procedure to combat even heart diseases and gastro-intestinal problems up to hormonal problems. Bacteria and toxins are tied to the oil and promoted with the spitting out of the mouth.

And how do you do that?

Daily in the morning, before brushing your teeth, a tea to tablespoons of mild, native Speiseöls in the mouth about 20 minutes moving back and forth. Pull through the teeth and then be sure to spit out, not swallow. This is important, because otherwise the bacteria and slag are from the oral cavity, “drawn” were not washed away by the body. At best spit the oil in the trash and not in the runoff. The exact dosage is individual. Experienced Zieher no longer have the problem, that the mass is foamy and much more in the mouth.

And that’s going to stick what now really?

The Ölziehen a number of positive features is said to have at least – among other things with it:

Relief of allergy
-free sinuses
brighter, whiter teeth
healthier gums
prevention of halitosis
caries prevention
increased energy
Gelinderte skin complaints
improved lymphatic system
reduced PMS symptoms
better sleep, etc

What says the opposing front?

So these peaceful Ölzieherei has no real opponent. There are no more than people who are a whole series of sound published Pro studies of strongly despite already, all put in anything. These are usually those who already already do not believe “Slag” in the myth, which applies to banish it from the body. The positive effects would owe only the stimulated salivary flow. Fair enough, and comprehensible. Here opinions differ as always and everywhere, and at the end of every man for himself decides itself

And which oil to use da?

Traditionally and in most existing studies used sesame oil, which is used in Ayurvedic medicine. A study from Thailand, 2011 Journal of public health was published in the Journal Asia, showed that also the Ölziehen with other edible oils could reduce the number of harmful bacteria in a similar way. Actually is emphasized in the report, coconut and sunflower oil, in addition to the sesame oil itself, especially effective in the treatment of certain micro-organisms. It is advisable to switch so from time to time. A mild, extra-virgin olive oil from the kitchen is therefore possible. The suitable oil can but be selected even after Ayurvedic categorization (fire, water, wide field).


The first teaspoon sesame oil was probably the hardest – and also twenty minutes can be quite long. Especially if the oil in the mouth time to a frothy matter is milky and there felt doubled. Taste I’m arrived now at the coconut, what should supposedly especially antiviral to operate and have even a teeth-brightening effect. I just apply the Ölzieh method for a few days and can determine there are no results (surprise). I believe but actually in this “pull out the toxins from the mouth” and me will now try every morning one away to oil – in the name of health.

So and your experiences that interest me now burning. You knew this already? Her practiced that long and what is it with you? Says look!