Really important, ground-breaking human creations and trend stories that move the world, I seem to keep straight afternoon naps. Years later Guard I then on to tell all excited of them.

And recently this has happened me smooth again: the Egyptian Magic Cream had met me before yet never somewhere, before a friend recently strongly put above me in line at the heart as I noticed her radiant and healthy complexion. She never stopped raving about and I thought I had found a very special, new treasure. My subsequent research revealed: nothing there – apparently I stumbled here on an old, perhaps even an ancient cult product and had no idea. 

Ordered Zack, zack, completely in love. And why?

Only the best natural ingredients apart from that in the Internet rumor is hard, Georgia May Jagger, Madonna, Gisele Bündchen and many more stars and models could no longer live without this miracle cream, into the balm:

Olive oil, honey, beeswax and – resin, and Royal Jelly.

The consistency is very rich, most would call it probably greasy oily, almost like a Vaseline – only, that this product has nothing to do with the oil grease on the hat. At second glance, the all-round balm is indeed intense, but not around pappend. Skin prone to impurities such as mine, is not to irritate by the intensity. The pores are not glued. Applied even in the morning she is quickly enough, so that no pork rind look accompanied me in the tag.

I take a small BLOB from the pot and there is a soft, oily consistency which spread pleasant in the face or the whole body can be in the warm palms of the hand. Rough spots are back soft, face is perfectly soft and actually, as promised by the Inter net, a real “glow”-Finish. Also makeup artists all over the world swear by the effect of the Egyptian of miracle. Pregnancy stretch marks or for the baby’s bottom even while the cream should be a blast.

One could describe the scent safely either as a natural or boring. Very reluctant in any case and nothing intrusive. The packaging feign with his naive discount stores look to have put all money and knowledge of cream, instead of the envelope in the content. I take it off for you.


For two weeks I use the balm every day especially in the evening and I’m thrilled. Even dick around the eyes during the night or in the length out stitches, as Orchid, etc as a hair mask, for sunburn, In the meantime I don’t often even fond other beauty routines such as serum or primer. 40 euros were also likely to Nofretete times nothing to sneeze at but there’s probably still quite a while enough 118 ml barrel.