Well, yes. Ladies and gentlemen we have song of Eurovision Song Contest. The representative of our country is called Barbara Reyzabal but his artistic name is Barei, so id pointing this name because in the next few weeks you are going to get tired of hearing it. It is Madrid, is 33 years old and has more than 16 years devoting himself to music. The chosen song is ‘ Say Yay!’ that curiously your letter is entirely in English. So the controversy is already served because it is the first time to Spain He will go to the festival with a song one hundred per cent in English.

The six candidates to represent Spain were Maverick, Xuso Jones, Salvador Beltrán, María Isabel, Electric Nana and the big winner, and at the same time unknown, Barei. The singer, which is up from a good family, won the Festival of Benidorm at age 18 and already has two albums, you will be responsible for leaving the bar as high as possible in Stockholm.

His catchy pop song ‘ Say Yay!’ last night conquered the public and jury, I don’t see it so the truth, but perhaps mine is not music. It will have to wait until next May 14 to see the result. Do you think of the issue? and even more quo seem that the letter is in English?