We love to Peak Performance cares about animals and nature! When you buy one of their down jackets, you can even trace where exactly that down is going. This is how it works.

A down jacket is both warm and comfortable, but it hardly feels warm in the heart of the ducks and geese that come from the down have been treated in a bad way. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to put down some extra money on a jacket than buying the cheapest on the market. If you choose a jacket from Peak Performance instead, you know that it is designed in a fair way. Can I in good conscience buy a down jacket from Peak Performance? – Yes, you can. When it comes down jackets from Peak Performance, we are careful about where we buy all our materials, not just the down, says Åsa Andersson CR & Quality Manager at Peak Performance continues: – When it comes down, we have an animal welfare policy that says everything down we buy should be a by-product of the meat industry, so the birds are not bred for their down. We only use a dunleverantör, so that we can follow up what we agreed are followed throughout the production chain. From which country will the down? – We use a vendor named Allied feathers and they are in the US. They are Bluesign certified and purchases down from all over the world, but most of what we buy comes from China. Blue Sign is originally a certification that regulate the chemicals used in production, but is also an environmental certification relating to water and energy, so it’s a supplier that is aware of its influence in the world. Is there any certification showing that the birds had good living conditions ? – Yes, our supplier works with Responsible downtown default, RDS, which is the highest ethical standards in terms of down. It says among other things that the birds may not have been force-fed, and that you can not pick them live but also places demands on the birds live, they should have the opportunity to go swimming, for example. As of spring 2017 is all down to our jackets RDS and we have it now, as far as it will go. You use traceable down, so that I as a customer can see where the down right in my jacket came from. How does it work? – All of our down products have a QR code you can scan. You will get all the information on the down right in the jacket, which from what region it comes from, what it’s kind of down and how much fill power is in the jacket. Then there is also a certificate confirming the information. What distinguishes your down jackets with cheaper versions? – We make quality products that you can have for many years. To do that, we work with the best suppliers of such dun and sewing and has a great team with great knowledge of materials testing everything meticulously to it in the end will be a fantastic product. Choosing the material so carefully here into detail makes the products may not be the cheapest on the market. On the other hand, you do not buy a new coat every year, so the price does not have to be expensive in the end. However, it is good in terms of sustainability that customers can use the jacket for years. What should I do to make my down jacket to keep many seasons as possible? – It is important that you follow the washing instructions when you washed your jacket. You need to tumble dry it, so that it regains its elasticity and air is trapped between the down and the cluster again. Another tip is to hang it up nicely when you keep the summer, not to bunch it together, and you will see that it is. What should I do with my jacket when I get tired of it, or cut it out?

– Is the jacket is still in good condition, I think you can give it away, so that someone else can enjoy it. If you are a member of Peak Performance’s loyalty program, you can submit the jacket in one of our stores and as a thank you get a rebate check, so you can buy a new jacket. Then we see that the jacket gets new life. Depending on the condition of the jacket, we can either resell or maybe jacket transformed into any other product recycled materials.