No matter what exercise you enjoy, you will find a pair of tights that suit you in Casall range. We know which to choose!

Casall are known for their tights. If you have not discovered them yet, it is high time! We will help you find the right pair.

For the yogi: Refined Tights

A “must have” garments for all yogis is Casall new Refined tights. They are made of a soft, seamless material that provides maximum comfort and flexibility. Details such as extra-long legs and folding waist makes these the perfect yoga tights!

For the runner: District tights

Is running your thing fits Casall District tights you excellent. The model has strategically placed mesh panels for increased ventilation, reflective print for visibility in the dark, side mobile phone pocket and drawstring waist for better fit. It makes these tights on the border with irresistible for all runners.

For the fitness buff: Ziggy tights

If you’re looking for a pair of tights to match any type of exercise, but also works outside the gym, check out Casall Ziggy tights. Stylish, comfortable and a real “showstopper”!

For dancing girl: Shifting tights

Dance is a form of training where you want the tights will accentuate your movements, while the material must be stretchy and provide maximum comfort and freedom of movement. The obvious choice for all dance girls will Casall Shifting tights that has all the essential attributes.

For those who always maxes: Sculpture mesh tights

Like to run hard? Cruelly! If you always max out your training is recommended a pair of tights that provide a light compression effect, but at the same time a good feeling with maximum breathability and flexibility. Casall new Sculpture Mesh tights ticking all the boxes.