Roll or fold up its sleeve? Contrast or regular cuff? Sometimes it can actually be frustrating to fold up its sleeves.

To fold up the sleeves of a shirt is not as easy as you think. Has cuffs with contrasting so, one strives to avoid folding the cuff while letting contrast fabric visible.
There are different ways to do it, and they all provide slightly different results. Below is a simple guide to how best to roll up your sleeves whatever kind of shirt and cuffs.

Cuffs with contrasting

Do you have a shirt which has a contrasting cuffs (when the fabric is a completely different color or pattern), you want to clear that this should be seen as it is an important part of the shirt. At the same time, you want to also avoid rolling the cuff because it makes it wrinkled. When you have this type of shirt so is the ‘Italian fold’ (called “the J. Crew look below), the perfect way to fold up the sleeves of:

  1. Buttoning up all the buttons (1-3st) in the cuff
  2. Pull the cuff to your elbow, so that the sleeve be in and out
  3. Grasp the lower part of the screen (the one that is in and out) and roll it until it touches the cuff
  4. Roll it one more time so that it covers half the cuff. Your cuff should now stick out at the top, approximately at the height of the elbow (see picture below)

A little more casual

Do you have a “regular” colored shirt, it’s not as important that the cuff is kept smooth and visible when the screen is folded well. A more casual way to unfold the sleeve is to either roll it all the way up, hereinafter “The Basic Role”, or halfway, hereinafter referred to as “The Casual Forearm Roll”.

Basic Role is most slushy way to do it, you see the entire forearm and elbow. Forearm Roll on the other hand is the most common way to fold, take a look around you, you will see that 9 out of 10 use of this method.
A recommendation however is to always roll up your sleeves on the Italian way (the J . Crew look), where the cuff is visible. Partly because the shirt becomes less wrinkled and because it is a more unusual way, making you stand out more.