A genetic variant of the pigment deposition caused by sunlight – something with melanin – says the medicine with you. But much more than a freak of nature, you are connection points on nice days and the memory of my inner louse girl – then and now. You thought of chocolate ice cream and Salto hang from the pool edge – glued chips hands in the outdoor swimming pool. Under “Special features”, I wrote you in any friendship album of the woman Hartusch 6 C. Also in Paul’s. Paul was also blond hair, but was huge and slag-blessed. He was much smarter than his grades and more Vincent as his button-eyes suspect. As bully as he in the beech stands, he surrender teachers. He puffed away with twelve and a half in the tailed hours Malboro lights in the Woods behind the school and stole me my first eyeshadow.

Paul’s dad beat him – sometimes right in the face. Between the blue points were then but still recognisable by its many small, brown spot – I would sometimes like to she kissed him and back love like to violently bang one his father, however. If our hands met there were twice as many stains. My points disappeared in the winter every time almost totally, its never – also not my favorite spot right on the upper lip. Who in the cold months with me left at the elbow and connected knee to have Paul, how corny sometimes with felt-tip pen no idea today is – we were not cheesy at that time indeed, but only a verknalltes team with freckles.

Yesterday was the time with Paul again in mind and how he may find today our sprouts. I love my, am proud of each and every time really sad when the winter they all succumb to. Therefore, yesterday without further ADO I pulled my eyebrow pencil from the make-up box and started to DAB the nose. The result is not quite chocolate ice cream and French fries barrier as they did – but as bit perhaps?
The Gazettes and fashion shows are just full of looks around the Ladera stains. The rung has boom time again. So get on the eyebrow pencil for a day Takkatukaland.

Extra tip: distribute the irregular the better – around the and on the nose and after the dotted lines quiet again with the fingertip easily einklöpfeln. On top a layer of loose powder to the fix. There while right freckles pins, but no one needs that.

and what do you think: who painted freckles in the winter – can do or be?