Update: this story was an April fool posted on December 28, the day of the Holy Innocents. At the moment Caprile will not design any collection for H & M.

After Balmain arrives Caprile. The next collaboration of the Swedish giant H & M has Spanish seal. The designer Lorenzo Caprile He will be in charge of designing a collection of party for H & M. Caprile is one of the most successful designers and most talented in the world of Spanish fashion. Their dresses are common in the best patriotic red carpets. We will soon have the opportunity to show off their designs at more than affordable prices.

From sources close to the press Department of H & M we have ensured that the capsule collection of Caprile by H & M It is on a roll. The designer has met with executives from H & M, on several occasions, to finalize the details of this special collection. H & M already knew the work of the designer, but when read his book, “That we talk about when we talk about style”, they had a real crush.

Lorenzo Caprile It is one of the most renowned designers of the Spanish fashion scene. He has dressed the reina Letizia, the infantas and some of the best actresses and famous in Spain. And now, the rest of us mortals, can show off some of their designs and at low cost prices!

Caprile by H & M collection It will consist of 20 pieces and will focus on party fashion. There will be long and short dresses with delicate lace and transparencies, pants made in fabric fallera, silk blouses, polka dot skirts, inspiration Bullfighter jackets, a flamenco dress that it pays homage to the famous smiley and a replica of the wedding gown that the designer made for the film the “the Wolf of Wall Street”. Clothing prices will go from 40 to 150 euros. The collection It will be released in March 2016. Without a doubt, a good news for fashion “made in Spain”.