Hit The Streets with The Shoes of Homespun!

Yes, Yes, you read well, and it is sometimes fashion is really amazing. A few years ago Flavio Briatore is married with his wife with a pair of shoes that looked like the typical slippers homespun with their initials engraved on the toe. “A silly whim of rich people” thought to see it. Well, apparently Flavio was not a visionary, because since then I have not stopped to see this unique shoes that now adapts to the female foot.

In Spain came from the hand of Rafael Medina with the opening of its store Scalpers. With an on-line shop, We can choose the model that we like, color, fabric and even the logo!!

Thus Jack Sparrow can combine dark blue velvet with a few skulls to the style. Or if you prefer a lighter color you can choose a beige with a heraldic cross. That depends on the taste of each.

The bloggers have already taken to the streets with this shoe so peculiar, as in Style Bubble that combines them with skinny of leather and bizarre jacket.

Your model is full of embroidery, with a print that reminds us Asian prints.

As Zara It could not be less, It has versioning them in a simple way and without any weird symbol. I must confess that I tried them in plan joke and I ended up falling for them! Are super cute for the most glamorous and comfortable nights.

And you, do you dare to go to the last?