There are items whose utility seems reduced to a single function but that we can get to thet out based on the fluctuation of trends: one of them is the scarf. Away from their practical and ornamental role around the neck, there are thousand and one ways to carry it. Especially in spring and summer, when more supplements that cover, act as accessory.

One of the tics on the rise this season is the tie the cloth to the head. Whether it be ethnic mode, in plan turban, to the peasant, or mode of headband.

You tie the bandana head: turban

Kate Moss It opened the veda for this fashion in 2009 at the hands of Marc Jacobs MET gala.

And this spring-summer 2010 fashion firms are running to the car (in the photo, Lacoste model).

Although there are some, like Catherine Baba, carrying it always.

One of the most fun to wear the blindfold version turban, is braiding the front If you do it with a malleable and long scarf. Cotton, for example (in the photo, proposal of Zara).

Or simply making a ringlet with the fabric in front part (in the photo version of H & M).

Peasant mode

Another possibility of cover your head is to make it to the peasant mode. And Karl Lagerfeld is not the only one who has the magic formula. Picks up the most colorful scarves or your sarongs and tie it to leaving hair stirred below. That all possible sections of hair to escape. The thing has not much secrecy and the knot does not need to have form of flower or loop.

Another option is to repeat the same process but with a smaller, neck scarf, and place it on the hair in the form of triangle.


The most practical and widespread form of out of a handkerchief is anyway the of the headband. Long type and more estrcehos (it not Carrés), you can take them as Margherita Missoni. Band plan and to give your look a touch Bohemian and hippie.

If not, there is also the typical eighties possibility of Flashdance.