The fashion blogosphere one is the most vibrant scenes that has Internet. Every day come out more blogs and quality continues to rise as time passes. Miss at the beach is one of the most known and settled in it. In charge Monica Parga, a journalism student whose work has been recognized by The New York Times, among many other publications.

We speak with her to know how were these three years carrying with blog, summer fashion trends and that are to come, as well as everything related to the world of fashion. Up to even put you on the squeeze play to guess about who will be the famous fashionable next season & #8230; Response: then.

First of all, better presented. What lies behind Miss at the beach? Who is Monica Parga?

Study journalism, I’m passionate about cinema, literature, and art in general.

Miss at the beach has already appeared in major fashion publications reviewed settled, such as The New York Times, Vogue, Glamour, Marie Claire… when the conquest of the world? How feel appearing in the most respected media?

For me it is truly an honor, open a magazine that I buy every month and see my blog between its pages is very exciting.

It’s been three years since you iniciases the path of the blog. What has given you during this period of time? What you’ve achieved thanks to the same?

The truth is that it has brought me much more than I could have ever imagined. I have been able to meet fantastic people, I’ve had the opportunity to work with various media, attend fashion shows… The blog has opened many doors for me.

From your experience, what do you think the fashion world?

The creative part is that I like the most. Photography, design… Everything that encompasses the presentation of a parade to the decoration of the boutiques, I love it. The aspect of the business also seems very interesting, the strategies of marketing, etc. What I like least are injustices that exist at the time of choosing a designer or another in deciding the agenda of a fashion week, the commitments of the magazines with the advertisers, or the aura of exclusivity that surrounds the fashion.

Already speaking more specifically of current trends and the summer sales. What do you recommend to buy to our readers?

The trick is not to buy things without rhyme nor they are. If you buy trousers, see if in your wardrobe you have something with which to combine it, and if not, buy one of the above that well you. It also leverages to purchase winter clothing, accessories, shoes… I when I go shopping I not fixed in the season that is, if something I really like, buy it, and already I see when I can get it.

What are your favorite stores for shopping?

Zara, Bershka, Hazel (although the last time I went I saw much), Massimo Dutti, Bimba & Lola, some things white, Accesorize, Oysho, Dayaday…

What is your biggest dream related to fashion? Would you like to achieve?

I’d like to direct a magazine.

The fashion blogosphere is immense, every day come new blogs of high quality which join the thousands that already exist today. It has gone from a few to many. As a party involved, how have you seen this evolution?

It is a very positive development, every day I am more and more blogs. At the beginning there were few and very different, but there are now so many of each type and is easy to find one (or several) that suit your tastes and interests.

If you had to select a top 5 blog what we recommend.

Fashionisima, Trendycrew, Jak & Jil, Park and Cube,

Playing guess, what you think will be the trends for next season that are by all the shops and flood the street?

Sometimes I get the feeling that trends change not much, especially now that we receive information from blogs, journals… There comes a time that does not differ what season is, the celebrities carry the clothes just after having been presented in the parade… trends?

Will always be the camel, denim, the subtle lingerie the view, etc. Following the dictation (or dictatorship) Prada and Louis Vuitton, we could say that the trend of this winter will be the years 50/Mad Men. Another thing is to really see it on the street.

And one more question as guess: who will be the famous and the following season fashion model?

The model could be Bambi Northwood, and the famous… do Emma Watson?