Who is behind Vanglè?  Years, where you live, children, you’re married, where you work, what role do you have? In short, everything!
Vanglè hides two friends united by their passion for creation and for the pursuit of detail.Viviana, 29years, married “since I graduated in ’05 at the University of Architecture of Florence in Fashion Design, I started working as a designer of jewelry and fashion accessories. I love this job, give life to transforming ideas into objects of desire gratifies me and makes me feel free. “Arianna, lives, has 30 years and is a designer graduated at the European Institute of Design in Milan, with experience ranging from graphics, Architecture, Design and Fashion “I love to create everything, from the object of accessory furniture and thanks my knowledge in this 360 ° technology, materials and production processes have the ability to treat both the design and the technical implementation of each product.”

How did you start your adventure with your brand Vanglè?
It all started between dinners and laughter as in the classic stories. United by the usual passion and tied by friendship we find to unite ideas, experience and expertise. I, Viviana, after so many years of work for the designer Ugo Cacciatori, where I had the opportunity to understand nuances that the university does not teach you, I felt the need to begin customizing my creations following instinct. Arianna has to study graphic design and shoulders above all a personal taste that is complemented with mine, then create our brand has been a meeting of natural desires.

What difficulties have you had to overcome in getting your online?
Create a brand that points on the excellence of materials and craftsmanship 100% Made in Italy, in economic times like this we say that has not been, is not and will not be a walk. We are facing this adventure with tenacity, determination and above all with such passion. Each difficulty becomes a challenge, then all the way that we still have to do it stimulates us to a constant effort. The energy and love are not lacking!

When I look at the new creations of the designers, I always wonder: “Who knows what he was inspired to create a piece so beautiful!”. Around the question directly to you! From what you get inspiration for your creations?
Everything we do and we live brings us to observe the world around us like an immense volume of ideas from which to draw. The inspiration, in fact, can come from a visit to a museum, a film, observing the people on the street and the emotions they feel. This allows us to define a very specific issue, we explore from every point of view, then as in a flashback we focus on catalyzing the idea of the whole collection, the ‘final idea, the one that gives life to everything else … then we make sketches and prototypes.

Tell us a bit ‘of your collection SS 12, which are the highlights of your line?
For this collection we start from the primary forms as the basis of everything that surrounds us.Especially was privileged figure of the triangle, both in two-dimensional three-dimensional version, a balanced and dynamic form that refers to the woman’s symbol. So we created the accessories where the skin is the main protagonist. Definitely the strongest pieces in the collection are the belts, characterized by soft and refined colors that amplify the “shape” of each outfit. We also focused on silver jewelry, which thanks to a special processing are able to decorate with refinement but also gritty any type of clothing

To all the readers to listen, you tell us where we can buy your creations?
Straight from our site, Vanglè , offering a complete description of the material and a size chart;otherwise we are in Versilia at the boutique Fiacchini of Forte dei Marmi and Massimo Rubini in Sarzana (SP).

A few tips to all the girls who want to pursue a career as a designer and create its own line.
Listen to their feelings, consolidate an idea, put the heart, honesty and smile every day. We believe that trust in their abilities is the right choice to make, and that talent when followed by great commitment and tenacity is always recognized. We do not know how to give advice, we can only tell you that we have made a choice, putting everything in a clear pattern, with objectives and concrete ideas to communicate.


A piece that should not miss in your closet?
Viviana: The denim shirt, for me is a real passe-partout.
Arianna: A jacket Blazer, a passe-partout, casual when paired with jeans and wedges, but also extremely elegant when worn with a dress. In addition I think that should not miss an it-bag

How important accessory in your look?
Viviana: For me, the accessory is everything! It has the ability to enhance one end and complete it. It is a true indicator of personal style. It allows you to fully express their personality. The accessories I wear speak of me, of my world … I could never do without it.
Arianna: The accessories are extremely important, have the ability to enrich and distorting the end result of an outfit. Their aim is not only to postpone to themselves, but to communicate a message to the outside world. A woman can use them to make her look even more sought after, in order to exalt its beauty and femininity.

A romantic dinner, what are you wearing?
Viviana: Today I would put a little dress empire style Isabel Marant very simple that I will make unique thanks to accessories and Make-Up.
Arianna: In fashion for me there is no rule, is a way to express emotions through colors, shapes and materials. My style of dress reflects day-to-day my ‘s mood, is like an interior mirror. I do not have a precise outfits for a romantic evening, I could wear a long dress in perfect glam style or present myself with a leader in denim and biker boots by real bad girl!