Roberta Alenius Louis Vuitton bag go off at least 15 000.

But for those who can not afford, there are alternatives.

Here is the bag that can change the look in seconds – for a fraction of that price.

In the last week captured Sweden’s Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and new love Roberta Alenius pictured in New York.

Roberta drew many eyes to it and created probably great jealousy when she showed off his custom-made Louis Vuitton bag embellished with his initials.

Roberta Alenius bag costs of SEK 15 000

Weekend the bag can be removed at between 15 000 and 20 000, and it is far from all that can afford that kind of debauchery.

But there is a solution that lets you be both unique and exclusive without paying four figures.

The American brand Miscere is namely introduced a weekend bag which like a chameleon can change shape within seconds.

The bag is available in two colors – white and navy blue. Then you snap your accessories purchased separately.

More expensive than H & M

The bag costs 3200 kronor, while the accessories goes on around 600 kronor each.

There is no H & M prices but is far from the price tags you’ll find at Louis Vuitton. And you also get several bags in one!