It seems that 2016 not start with right foot for the fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. The reason? It is none other than the possible evasion of EUR 20 million of the designer to the French tax authorities during the FY 2009. According to the weekly L’Express, “it is suspected that in the space of six years, the irremovable sunglasses man not declared in France more than 20 million euros”. And all through through financial packages in Ireland, France, Delaware and the Virgin Islands.

This procedure started after the opening of the Library 7L located in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district. This pays no taxes and accumulate a debt amounting to 6.6 billion euros. A person of trust of Creative Director of Chanel environment ensures that,

This process has not yet been resolved and is not at all a Machiavellian Act; proof of this is that Lagerfeld pays millions in taxes every year.

In addition, in words of the weekly “tax authorities consider that the British company, a second headquarters in Ireland and a Virgin Islands company, helped hide the true undeclared work”. How will this all it end? For the moment, we will have to wait.